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Well That Destroyed My Happy Bubble Quickly

Posted on: May 11, 2009

Grrr I’m not happy now. I was fine till just before when my flate mate came in my room to give me her work that Ive got to take up to uni for her because she’s at work. She bugs me quite alot because she has to tell everyone what she’s doing even when they dont care, or can see what she’s doing and dont need it explaining to them. She doesnt like to be alone…I do – we kinda clash like that, luckily if I have a book open she leaves me alone most the time coz she hates to be disturbed when she’s reading. Dont get me wrong, I do like her about 96% of the time, its just little things that piss me off. Like how she never empties the bin when its her turn and she was the one who insisted on a rota, its always me and the other girl who lives with us that do it (yea Im trying to keep this nameless). And then this morning, the thing that suddenly put me in a bad mood was this conversation:

Time: 9:30am

person I’m annoyed with at the moment walks into my room,

“I take it you didn’t go to uni then”

me: “No, I didnt wake up till 8, that wouldnt have been enough time to get ready and have breakfast”

*Sceptical look* “Yea it would”

me: “No coz I wanted a shower too”

“But you straightened your hair last night”

me: “and….”

“so you were going to wash it again”

me: “I have a shower pretty much every day, I dont wash my hair every day. I tie it up so it doesnt get wet.” durrr, I was getting kinda snappy at this point coz Im still trying to finish my essay off.

“oh…ok. Well yea Im just off to work.”

NO SHIT SHERLOCK, I think I know where you were going, no need to tell me. I just remembered something else that pisses me off. If we both have the same work due in, she tends to finish it before me when we’re doing it last minute so she’ll constantly be in my room to brag about it and see how Im getting on and then to try and have a party and I’ll be like “umm hello, fuck off please Im still doing my work!” Grrr I’m going to have to shut up now because my nice happy mood has been destroyed and the more I rant about her the more angry I get as I find more things about her that are currently bugging me.

I just have to add this last one in: If we go out and get drunk, recently Ive ended up drunker than her and have large mind blanks from the night of fun in vivaz. I dont mind hearing what happened once if she omits the really bad stuff. But she’ll constantly go on about how drunk I was and then tell pretty much everyone we know what I did. That bugs me, if Ive gone out with the intention of getting drunk then Im going to get drunk, its not my fault she has super powers and can remember what she’s done when she’s drunk. I dont go on about what people did when they were drunk unless its over a big laugh about it next time we’re in the pub. One of my friends from home says that when she goes out with her mates, sometimes this lass they dont really like tags along but doesnt drink and then disses everyone for being drunk. I just dont get it!


3 Responses to "Well That Destroyed My Happy Bubble Quickly"

You need to take a chill pill my dear

Not all non-drinkers diss others for being drunk! AHEM! I can have just as much fun (if not more) than the drunkards and then get in my car stone cold sober and drive home 😛

Each to their own I say..

Yea I know, its Emma Bailey’s sis Christina that goes out with louise and her mates sometimes then complains that theyre all drunk…and Ashlie normaly drinks just somehow remembers everything I did that I dont want to remember yet convientelly forgets everything she did. And it bugs me when I dont really care about her work when Im trying to do my own. She gets me angry a lot lol but I dont like to snap at her coz Im in pretty much all her classes and shes one of the only people who actually go out these days :[

dude, update ur blog!

i need a new method of procrastination!


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