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How To Spot The Classic Loner

Posted on: May 14, 2009

Im not quite sure how you spot the classic loner….except Im guessing they would be on their own…or not talking to anyone that they are with (wow it sounds like me haha)

I was inspired to write this blog from my recent burst of lonerness. What was it? I went to a gig on my own! (omg, shock horror, how could you? are you mad?)

Haha I am neither mad nor sane, I just happened to like that band, had wanted to see them for ages and didnt know anyone else who liked them (and I doubt my sister would have liked lots of people staying over at hers)

I went to see the king blues in case you are wondering…they were really good :]

I do other things alone to, like go shopping (its so much easier for trying clothes on) and going to the cinema (this ones normaly because noone else wants to see it/is free/has money)

I dont see anything wrong with gigs and cinema on your own, yea it can be a bit depressing because everyones with friends chatting and that. But once the band/film starts you never talk anyway…at the cinema because its rude and at a gig because you usually cant hear what your saying to each other anway. Plus at gigs sometimes I leave my friend if I go in the middle and they dont really want to, so Im kinda on my own then anyway.

So my adventure in lonesome giging wasnt too bad, just a bit depressing how noone spoke to me when I was waiting for the band to start….maybe next time I should get a sign saying Im on my own and lonely, come talk :]


1 Response to "How To Spot The Classic Loner"

I went to +44 on my own! I knew a few people going tho, just didnt go with them, they all had their own crew but I wondered around for a bit talking to different people. Would have bin better with other people but it wasn’t bad alone.

I’d never go to the cinema alone tho, I’d feel like everyone was lookin at me haha xxx

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