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Posted on: May 15, 2009

I thought I’d make a list of the gigs I’ve been too, and if I can remember, a bit of a description about what I thought of it (can you tell I’m just avoiding work?)

  1. P!nk(30/3/2004) – This was my very first gig, I was 14 and went with my sister and her friend. It was the Try This tour and I loved it. P!nk had a lot of hair and costume changes lol.
  2. Faithless(24/4/2005) – I also went with my sister to this one, I didnt particually like them but she was going to go on her own. They were actually really good, we ended up moving seats too coz the ones we had had a bit of a naff view and the seating wasnt sold out so we moved around to the other side. We Come One was especially good!
  3. Radio 1’s big weekend, Sunderland(7/5/2005) – A free gig and it was bloody awsome! Mainly because the Foo Fighters headlined!! And there was Kasabian who were really good too. We just stayed in the main tent for this.
  4. Radio 1’s big weekend, Sunderland(8/5/2005) – Yea I managed to get tickets to both days :] I got to see Gwen Steffani which I was stoked about because I love her, but I would have prefered No Doubt. Kaiser Chiefs were pretty good, and Jamiroquai and Basement Jaxx but I think my surprise highlight of the day was Black Eyed Peas. Strange because I cant stand them but they really know how to get a crowd moving! (Once again we stayed in the main tent all day)
  5. Goldfrapp(15/10/2005) – First gig in the newly opened Carling Accademy (now O2). They were pretty good and I want Alison Goldfrapp’s hair!
  6. My Chemical Romance(7/11/2005) – Ok so I guess you either love them or hate them and I’m more in the love zone lol. They were pretty amazing live and I was so happy they did Headfirst For Halos as thats one of my favourite songs. All my friends went to the side and I was left in the middle on my own, but then I saw an old friend from school so it was fun!
  7. Franz Ferdinand(November 2005) – I lost the ticket for this gig so I dont know the exact date but do know it was in November. They were really good, Im going to see them again this coming November yay!
  8. INME(1/2/2006) – rescheduled from December. For some reason I dont really remember this gig, I think its mainly because Im not to big a fan so didnt really know half their songs. But Im sure it was good
  9. All American Rejects(5/2/2006) – This gig sucked major. I think its like the 2nd worst gig Ive been too! The support, Towers Of London just totaly loved themselves and the singer seemed to think he was Johnny Rotten, then AAR just spent most the time being really smug with themselves in my opinion.
  10. Yellowcard(6/3/2006) – This was my dad’s birthday and Id totaly forgotten lol, but they still let me go :] They were great and saw lots of people from school and college there. I dont remember the support but Im pretty sure it was Reuben, tis a shame I dont remember if it was them because I quite like a few of their songs.
  11. Less Than Jake(31/3/2006) – I loved this gig so much! If you’ve never seen them you should because they infect the crowd with joy and skankyness!!
  12. Placebo(8/4/2006) – They mainly just did songs from their new album which kinda sucked as I prefered their older ones. It was still a good gig even if Brian Molko did stay mainly at the other side of the stage to what I was on.
  13. Panic! At The Disco(20/4/2006) – Get ready for the worst gig Ive been to yet! They were sooo bad, it didnt help that I was a gooseberry that night. The whole thing sucked and I very nearly walked out. Thank god they only had one album so werent on that long lol.
  14. Billy Talent(6/7/2006) – This was also one of my favourties. I think it was a combination of the booze, sunshine and the room at the uni that it was in. Im going to see them again in June and cant wait!!
  15. AFI (12/10/2006) – These guys were great too. I remember being in the middle of the pit during one song early on (I think it was Girls Not Grey) and my feet werent even touching the ground the whole time, I love that :]
  16. Taste Of Chaos(17/11/2006) – I went with the intention of seeing Anti-Flag and I saw and I loved! I remember running round the massive circle pit thinking what the hell am I doing and it was soo fun! Im pretty sure Taking Back Sunday were the headline and on just after AF but I was so exhausted by that time that I dont remember them lol.
  17. Kerrang Tour 2007(22/1/2007) – I went to see the Bronx (who I noticed werent plugged as much as the other bands in the magazine and on Kerrang! radio). They are one of my favourite bands and I loved them. Biffy Clyro (is that spelt right?) were on after but I just remember sitting on a stool at the back of the accademy nearly falling asleep…not because they were dull (I dont even know what they sing to be honest lol) but because I was so tired from the Bronx.
  18. The Killers(20/2/2007) – Was pancake tuesday this day I remember. They were alright but Im not too big a fan. I wanted to see the support, black rebel motorcycle club but we had to wait outside for ages for my sister to give her her ticket :[
  19. Zebrahead(2/5/2007) – OMG I totally want to see these guys again at some point. It was fricken awsome! They had us all sitting on the floor for some song (cant remember what it was now) and there was this totaly fit guy there, he had pink lepard print hair! …and also a girlfriend who looked way to young for him ¬_¬
  20. Good Charlotte(16/5/2007) – Im mainly a fan of their older stuff, but I went for old times sakes just so I could finally see them in the flesh. I wasnt impressed with the crowd. When GC did a few older songs there was hardly anyone around me who knew the words :[ Saw lots of people from school here.
  21. Mad Caddies(23/5/2007) – Ok so by this point my mam was getting annoyed lol coz I was meant to be studying for my A levels. They were great though and Id totaly see them again at some point. They rounded it all up with All American Badass which is one of my favourite songs by them! Oh and that fit guy from Zebrahead was there too so I got to oggle him again :]
  22. Sonic Boom Six(20/5/2008) – A whole year later pretty much. Thats coz Id moved away for uni and Id just never thought of getting the train home to see bands lol…plus I dont think there was any that I wanted to go to that year. Anyway back to this gig, I went to see Big D and the Kids Table who were the second support (first was Random Hand who I caught the end of). Big D should totaly headline their own show, I love them. I missed them doing Little Bitch which is one of my favs as my mate was getting some cash out. The Boom were pretty good as well!
  23. Rancid(1/11/2008) – LOL!!! Finally seen them and I think I spent most the gig standing in the pit staring between Tim and Lars thinking OMFG I’M FINALLY SEEING RANCID! They were pretty dam awsome (urgh I say awsome too much!). They did some operation ivy (knowledge) but sadly not salvation which would have been pretty good live. They didnt do fall back down acoustically like they I think they often do so that was good. Acoustic sometimes bugs me lol.
  24. Eastpack Antidote Tour 2008(2/11/2008) – Time again were on first, I missed because I thought the doors were later than they were. Saw the very end of street dogs which is a shame coz I like them. Skindred were just weird, no other way to describe them. I think it may also be the first time Ive seen a black welsh man (Im not trying to be racist here, Ive just never seen one). Anyway they were kinda reggae/metal, some songs were ok though. Headlining were Flogging Molly (the main reason I went), and OMG if you’ve never seen them then you is missing out! They were brilliant (I had to try so hard not to say awsome there). I lost my phone in the pit though, I think it fell out my pocket during my jumping times. Made friends with this couple from Glasgow who were also going to see them in Glasgow lol.
  25. Pendulum(14/12/2008) – I so wish I hadnt been ill at this gig because I couldnt get into as much as I usually do. They were really good though, lots of energy. I want to see them when Im NOT ill :]
  26. Rise Against(24/2/2009) – This was in Leeds so kinda strange when they said hello Leeds and people chanted yorkshire lol. Anti-flag supported and had a nice circle pit as usual :] Rise Against did all my favourite songs and it was either them or AF who nearly made me cry with something they said (they kinda get all polical and anti-racism sometimes and it makes me think and depressed lol). I was well annoyed at the price of t-shirts and that though!! Im going to see them again in November, at home this time…will probs end up buying a tshirt this time.
  27. Go:Audio(7/4/2009) – One of the first times Ive stayed at the back through the whole gig. It finished really early because they only have one album. That marines song…I used to think was by Mcfly lol. I guess if Id been a year or two younger they would have been really good. Saving Aimee were ok, theres some song I like by them that Im still trying to find to download.
  28. King Blues(12/5/2009) – First gig on my own. Was at York. They were really good. Itch did a poem about women called 4 bottles of shampoo that was really good. I had two guys with long hair in front of me, neither of them would let me tie it up with my spare bobble so I was miffed at that lol. Sadly getting out of here was not played (thats like my fav song by them) but it was preeety schveet and I want to see them again some point!


So thats it for now, coming up I have billy talent, leeds fest, green day, franz ferdinand and rise against (think thats it so far)


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