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Blood Ties

Posted on: May 22, 2009

So, with a recent Henry shaped hole in my heart I decided to write a blog about Blood Ties. 

I am really gutted about the ending and lack of second series, Im debating finding the books just to see if they carry on…mainly I just want to see if Henry and Vicky ever get together; as my friend I was watching them with said “Where are all the Henry sex scenes?”  We were incredibly gutted that during 22 episodes they never once ‘got-it-on’ (Yea we’re like Kyle Schmid stalkers now).

While watching it I noticed quite a few similarties between Blood Ties and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  To start off, BT is kinda like Buffy but maybe aimed for older people; though not too old.  Buffy has of course, Buffy, the person who kicks all the demons butts, solves all the mysteries and bassically saves the day, yet the evil stuff is still drawn towards her.  BT has Vicky, ex homicide cop turned PI, she manages to solve all the casses in the nick of time, kills a few demons and is of course, a demon-and-all-things-weird magnet…possibly due to the weird tattoos on her arms.

Buffy has a friend called Willow who is a witch and always has to stay behind and do the research while Buffy goes kicks butt.  Vicky has a friend called Correen who, while not a witch, is very obbsessed with that sort of stuff and seems to be well informed on it. She also often stays behind to read the books and do the research.

In BT, Vicky has 2 guys fighting over her, one the irresistable vampire Henry (as my friend and I kept pointing out, why would you care about the other guy when there’s a vampire there!), the other the boring human homicide cop, Mike (who looks like Chandler in my opinion).  Mike is jealous of Henry the vamp, coz lets face it – you’re never going to be able to compete when there’s a vampire around ^_^   In Buffy, there’s the 2 vampires Angel and Spike who are in love with Buffy, then there’s Xander who realises he can never compete against a vampire and gets over Buffy eventually, and there is also the dodgy army guy who I never liked, who didnt take too nicely to the fact the Buffy had a ‘thing’ for vampires.  So basically my point is that both human females have vampires in love with them, are possibly in love with the vampire and also have a human male in love with them who hates the vamp.

I think thats all I can think of for similarites at the moment, its been over a year since I last saw every episode of Buffy and just a few hours since I last saw Blood Ties, so obviously I can remember more about that.

One thing I did love about BT was when Henry vamped they didnt give him a really ugly creased forhead like in Buffy and so many films. They just give him black eyes and teeth…at least Kyle Schmid will be used to the black eye thing from the covenant.

I really want the theme tune to BT so if anyone has it please send it :]


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