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If I Was The Bad Guy

Posted on: May 23, 2009

If I was the bad guy I’d do it totally different to in the movies…

Watching Star Trek yesterday at the cinema (I went on an adventure to a different town just to find it lol) it struck me that the bad guys always have an evil looking ship/car/mode of transport.  In this film it was this big black metal thing with tentacles that were black and metal lol.  Im sure in Star Wars that bad ships look slightly menacing too, its been a few years since I last saw them so I dont remember now.

But anyway my point is; as I was sitting in the cinema I thought “Well just by looking at that [about the ship] you can tell it’s bad.”

So if I was the bad guy I would totally fool everyone by having a nice looking mode of transport. Maybe something pink with flowers on it….something that didnt oooze evilness. So then the good guys would look and let their guard down as they’d think I was just some pansy floating around in space or wherever this battle was taking place. Then I’d let rip with my super evil killing machines. And they would be totaly unprotected because they’d have thought I was just some crazy loon floating around in space (or wherever this fight is).



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