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How My Brain Functioned Today

Posted on: May 24, 2009

This post is not about anything in particular…just the random things I have found and thought of today.

It started off good (well apart from having a sore stomach and watching Cinderella Story numero 2, which I must say is kinda rubbish due to the lack of Chad Michael Murray and Hillary Duff; it does have Emily Perkins in which is always a bonus when she comes out with some classic one liners [Unice from She’s the Man]); it was a sunny day and I had the flat to myself to blast my new favourite aquired album, Shimotsuma Monogatari Original Soundtrack (Kamikaze Girls is the English title).  So that was very loud and the windows were actually able to be open very wide due to the nice amount of sunshine and heat pouring through them.

Then while having a late breakfast/brunch thing I watched beverilly hillbillies and nearly spat all my food out at something I found hysterical…but I cant remember what it was now.  Something someone said I guess.  Wish I could remember now.  But I was sitting laughing for about 5mins I think.

Then it got weird, I was standing on a chair looking out the kitchen window, and noticed what was in the chinese people’s (who ‘squat’ (honest I swear they dont live there) on the first floor) balcony thing.  There was a pile of, what I assume to be dead, crabs.  They were very big crabs too, but just the ordinary type I think.  I can only assume they ate them, or were drying them out ready to eat.  My friend who lives on the floor between me and the chinese folk told me they once had a poodle or something locked away in this shed thing they have….but I dont know how true that one is lol.

After discovering the crabs my mood depressed a bit, I realised that I have no garden to go and sit in when its sunny.  One of my dreams was to live in a flat, I could never decide if I wanted to live in a council tower-block flat or some nice appartments like in friends.  But if I did, it would have to have a balcony!  Yea I could go sit in one of the many outdoor patches that scarborough has to offer, and sometimes I do.  But with it being bank holiday weekend I didnt really fancy it due to the mass amounts of people out and about in groups, I felt I would get strange looks for sitting on my own. 

So instead I wandered into town to see if Marks and Sparks had the cake offer on my mam told me about.  They did :] I also purchased some interesting flavoured ice-cream :] yum yum.

This purchase of junk food brings me to my last thought of the day.  I watched Kamikaze Girls yesterday and Momoko, one of the main characters, is a lolita and refers to herself as a sweet lolita and therefore only surrounds herself with sweet things; i.e. only eats sweet food, not sour stuff.  At one point it shes eating a bowl of what looks like some sort of gummy bear thing…and Im sure that was for her breakfast.  It occured to me today that minus all the frilly dresses and carrying a teddybear around with me, Ive turned into a sweet lolita (humour me here, I’m just trying to make up excuses for my vast amount of junk food that Ive consumed this week – no wonder I have more spots all of a sudden lol).


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