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Who To Vote

Posted on: May 29, 2009

So today I recived some post that my mam had sent down to me. It was my voting slip for North East Regions. As I have no idea who to vote for I thought I’d google all the parties on the list to see who I liked best.  As usual I ended up on wikipedia so I dont know how true the information is…but in my opinion Wiki=God.

I’ve decided to list some pros and cons of that parties as I need to write it down somewhere to help decided.

  • British National Party (BNP): Pros = apparently want to bring back capital punishment for murderers and peados. This is something I agree with seeing as life does not seem to mean life anymore. They also apprantly suport greenpeace. Another pro in my eyes. Cons = well they are basically racist biggots and my mam would kill me if I voted for them. Also after watching this is england I decided I never wanted to vote BNP.
  • Christian Party “Proclaiming Christ’s Lordship” (CPA): I’d never even heard of this party before lol. Pros = they seem to be very peaceful and anti-war etc. Cons = what the fuck do these guys do apart from worship God?
  • Conservative Party: Pros = they seem to want to improve NHS and schools. Cons = David Cameron is a twat who talks out his backside and contradicts himself a lot…and like I would ever vote Tory after the upbringing I had (lol Im kinda biased here against Tory and BNP)
  • English Democrats Party: Pros: big up England. Cons = Im not even sure what these guys want to do…do they want to seperate England from the UK or what?
  • Jury Team: Yet another party I never realised existed and there was so little on wiki I had to venture to the official website. Pros = Not found any. Cons = well the website didnt even work but wiki refers to them as an Xfactor party and american idol party…does not sound promising
  • Liberal Democrats: Back in the day when I thought there was only tory, labour and lib dems I used to say Id vote these guys coz everyone always forgets about them. Pros = They want to tax more on richer people (not good though if I ever win the lottery). They also seem to be pro euro which would deffinately make going on holiday easier! Cons = their wiki page was so long I couldnt be bothered to read it properly. They also try sneaky sneaky vote stealing in my opinion.
  • No2EU: Yes To Democracy: Pros = big up the workers rights. Cons = anti-EU. Also no wiki page and their website is shit confusing.
  • Pro Democracy: Pros = big up europe it seems and they also dont want the lisbon treaty…aprently its bad. Cons = Im still confused on what they DO want. wiki was small and their website stupid.
  • Socialist Labour Party: Pros = free NHS, anti-racism too. And something to do with anti-capitilism and pro socialism but Im not sure what they mean. Cons = I don’t know but I should check out those words lol.
  • The Green Party: Pros = aparently they have a plan for tackling jobs and rise in climate change. Very energy efficient. Cons = I would like to know what this plan of theirs is! Also do they care about free NHS and all that?
  • The Labour Party: Wiki had a picture of tony blair, Id forgotten what he looked like lol. Pros = They have a lot of policies that all seem good. I think most my mams family are labour voters coz of the miners strike probably :S Cons = They have to many policies for me to be bothered to read.
  • United Kingdom Independence Party: Pros = ummm when I read their policies properly Ill tell you. Cons = anti EU and also too many policies to read!


So I still have no idea who to vote for. Answers on your opinions in the comments box please :]


1 Response to "Who To Vote"

Do what I’m gonna do – don’t vote hahahahaaaa.
I would say Labour cos it’s onlt ever between labour and tory and the frickin conservatives better not. We’re from the north east, conservatives are the devil to us lol xx

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