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To Fake Or Not, That Is The Question

Posted on: May 30, 2009

Why do my legs never tan anymore? It totally sucks!  Milkbottle legs are very common in the UK but not that good a look when your arms and face are tanned…

When I was a kid my legs would tan lovely (as would the rest of me actualy).  But now I seem to get dodgy red patches on my legs (sunburn I supose lol); luckily this sunburn does not normaly peel like on my arms/back/face…but instead it quickly (unless Im going somewhere and want it to go quickly then it kindly stays red for a long long time) fades away back to an awful whitish colour.  This would be alright if I was going for the pale and interesting look…but when the rest of me is turning a nice tan colour (though my arms seem to burn more often these days) white legs look dodgy. 

So that leads me to my debate of whether to use fake tan or not.  If I did get some I dont know whether to tan all of me, seeing as my arms tend to go brown anyway and my back and belly are usually covered up…or should I just tan my legs?  Also I feel sure I would get streaks or it would be waaaaay to dark lol.  I’ve tried that johnsons holiday moisturiser that ‘graduly’ builds a tan. If gradualy means use it every single day for like  2 years then I might tan, but Ive found off using it for about 2 weeks I still look the same. And as for the ‘no more streaks’ that it claims to have, thats bull coz I used a medium instead of fair one once and I went all streaky…was awful!

Maybe I should get a tanning towel/pad thing instead…apparently they have less streaks. I dont want a too dark obviously from a bottle tan, just a bit of colour might be nice; plus a tan is suposed to make your legs look less fat.

So yea, suggestions on fake tanning would be nice, I’ll just try and not do a Polly…seeing as I wont be using it as foundation it should be alright lol.

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2 Responses to "To Fake Or Not, That Is The Question"

lmao at the last sentence!
I’ve never used fake tan, firstly because i’ve never felt the need to adhere to the ‘tanned’ look and secondly because i just don’t trust myself to make it look normal haha. Why don’t you wait until after Peru? See what effect that has on your legs? You don’t wanna put fake tan on now only to tan even more in Peru and come back with chocolate legs lol. No one’s really that bothered bout tannedness these days anyway, only tangoed charvs and metrosexual lads. The vampire look is totally in!

I got a st tropez starter kit. It vaguelly worked though I did wake up looking like and oompa loompa till I scrubbed it off and it faded. My legs dont really look brown but at least they arent bright white compared to my browner arms and face.
I dont think I’ll get a tan in Peru, I’ve got to stay covered up coz of mosquitos and that

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