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Alfred Hitchcock Sucks

Posted on: June 3, 2009

I just watched Pyscho last night and was quite disapointed with it.  This led me to think of the other Hitchcocks I’ve seen; after looking on wikipedia I discovered I’ve only seen the birds and that also sucked in my opinion.  (I have however seen the remake of the Lady Vanishes which was very good and no doubt the original Hitchcock may be good too).  So I know I’ve only deffinately seen two of his many films, which maybe isnt enough to say his films suck but I shall enlighten you to why I think so anyway.

WARNING: may include spoilers for Pyscho and The Birds.

So Pyscho, my mam watched this late one night when she was a kid and meant to be in bed…she wont have showers anymore from it.  The shower scene took 7 days to film and is only about 45 seconds long or something.  Its a bit of a let down to be honest…but if it had to much gore it probably would have been rubbish too.  I guess the fact that my mam wont have showers from this film led me to create some horrifying thing in my head so when I finally seen it, it wasn’t as scary as I’d been led to believe.  I’ll admit that the music gave me the creeps and chills and I was pretty scared near the begining as the scary music was playing and she hadnt even arrived at the motel.  But near the end when they caught Bates it was a bit of a let down and happened too quick.  And also the PI dying was pretty rubbish too.  Maybe the remake is a bit better though I cant really imagine Vince Vaughan as Norman Bates. 

I saw the Birds a few months ago after texting my mate about being attacked by ducks and pigeons and she laughed and said it was like the birds.  So I got the film out the uni library and watched.  It was an ok film just it had a pathetic ending…they just sort of drove off and the birds stayed for some reason.  It was never really explained why the birds all decided to attach this woman.  I think the black and whiteness may have spoiled the gore of some little children being pecked at by giant birds.  To be honest, I think I was expecting the main woman to die at the end so that this sudden curse of birds could go away.  But the lack of deaths depressed me. All in all it was a pretty shody film. If the ending was sorted out it could possibly be improved.

Maybe I should venture into some of Hitchcocks comedies to see if they are more to my taste.  The uni library seems to have a lot of his films so I guess I’ll get some more out next year.


2 Responses to "Alfred Hitchcock Sucks"

I know this blog post is 2+ years old, but had to comment:

Hitchcock’s films are a different breed than todays film. I think you may be confusing sucked with not scary.

For the most part, his films are not the slasher horror, surprise jolt that today’s mainstream audiences are accustom to.

Hitchcock’s films are suspense ridden and very psychological in planting the seed of fear. While there is some gore and sudden jumps, they are few and far between than today’s films.

In today’s film, Hitchcock’s films would most likely be considered suspense. (P.S. look up on youtube on Hitchcock interviews. He does explain his films somewhat and he also explains his stance on the difference of mystery (whodunit) and suspense.

You’re right though, two of his films is hardly a starting point in determining weather you are not a fan of his films.

Hitchock only did a few comedies so there aren’t that many.

I would recommend North by Northwest.


I might investigate north by northwest at some point.

But I think the fact that my mam still wont go in the shower since she watched Pyscho as a kid led me to believe that it was going to be epically terrifying.

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