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Things The Movies Taught Me

Posted on: June 3, 2009

I’ve been meaning to make a blog of this for quite a while, especially when I see certain films.  So basically this is a list of things everyone should know so that they can survive any ordeal that life throws at them :]  No doubt I’ll add to it as I think of more things that I have learnt.

  • If you’re not a professional dancer you may want to avoid your school prom because everyone at your school is a professional dancer.
  • If someone is killing off all your friends, try to die early coz the chances of you surviving are pretty low and the deaths tend to get worse with each one.
  • True love does exist.
  • Vampires, werewolves…supernatural stuff does exist.
  • The guy always gets the girl and vice versa.
  • Always were sensible shoes and clothes, you never know when you’re going to have to run away in a hurry and you need to be warm and able to walk (you dont want to look like Paris Hilton in House of Wax do you?).
  • Your dreams will always come true.
  • If you find some ancient bit of treasure, tell as many people as you want because no matter how many bad things happen to you, you will survive and get the praise for the discovery.
  • The killer is most likely your boyfriend/girlfriend, your best friend or yourself.
  • Dont move into the scary dark evil looking house, especially if its in the middle of nowhere with no phone signal.
  • Especially don’t move into said house if the sales person seems eager to sell it at a stupidly low price.
  • The liklihood of an indian burial ground under your house is very very high.
  • If the taps wont turn on or off, get out quickly.
  • If you’re classes as the ugly girl at school then you’re probably quite pretty, you just need to take off those glasses and pony tail.
  • High school really is like the movies.
  • Animals do talk, and you can understand them.
  • Don’t scream is there’s a pyscho killer on the loose, they’ll hear you.
  • Don’t screw up your life otherwise jigsaw will do it for you.
  • Always decapitate zombies…its the only way to kill them.
  • The guy in the mask is not your friend anymore…remember he’s trying to kill you so don’t feel sorry for him.
  • Little children are spawns of the devil.

Umm I can probably go on and on but I’d better leave it for now. I shall add more later.


3 Responses to "Things The Movies Taught Me"

Here’s a few:
– Spend enough time with someone, no matter how much you originally hated them. You will fall in love.
– If you ever lie. By the end of the film…You will be found out.
– Grief doesn’t really last very long. Just find someone new and move on.
– If you’re rubbish at a sport, get someone who’s ok to train you a bit and soon you’ll be the best on the team
– Speaking of sports, if your team needs just one point to win something, it will come at the very last second.
– When ‘the moment’ comes, you will know exactly what to say.
– If you have really bad luck and a sucky life, just give it some time then suddenly it’ll all turn around and you’ll get promoted and a boyfriend.
– No one has periods these days

Think I’ll leave it there haha xxx

haha I like the last two

Oh, how about:
– If the world is ever under threat from aliens or meteors or anything earth destroying like that…America will save the day.
– No matter what era or country it’s set in, they’ll all speak perfect english
– Speaking of english. Any english (or british) person in an american film is either posh or cockney.


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