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Posted on: June 4, 2009

So this isnt actually about anything, its just me diary-ing because sometimes I feel the urge to write a diary but as I dont actually have one anymore because they just run the risk of being read by siblings, then I dont like to keep one.  But sometimes I find myself repeating things that Ive done that day in my head as if I were writing in a diary. So I thought I may as well write it down here.

I think I decided to diary blog today because of the book Im reading – Microserfs by Douglas Coupland.  He’s a pretty good writer. This books about a bunch of people who work at mircrosoft.  I especially liked on pg 48: If you yourself are a vegetarian, but still dream of burgers, then all you really are is a cryptocarnivore.  Im not sure why that amused me but it did.  I read his book the gum theif (or the bubblegum theif, cant remember now) a while ago. That was pretty good but kinda reminds me of ghost world coz this older guy has a strange relationship with a younger lass.  Ghost World was a strange film…I never realised it was Steve Buscemi in it; I love it when adam sandler films have him in, and also reservoir dgos.

The thing with diary-ing is that my mind thinks faster than I type so I get caught up in something and totally miss my point.  People who can type faster than they think are just weird though, coz then you have to sit there for a while and think of what to write…kinda like me and essay writing I guess lol.

Today I had a bit of a Hank day, I watched the house bunny with colin hanks then I watched big with tom hanks. I wish I owned the burbs, I love that film. I think the only other Hank film I own is orange county and thats colin hanks…at least he looks a lot like his dad. Tom hanks is kinda old and fat now and I much prefer his younger days lol. I hope my mam hasnt been to see angels and demons yet. She’s supposed to wait for me.

I read the whole of the bell jar yesterday in about 3 hours. I havent done that in ages coz of stupid uni work getting in the way. Even books that would only take me like a couple of hours at home seem to take a couple of days here.  The bell jar was ok but kinda left me feeling spacey and depressed; I kinda felt like I connected with Esther on some weird level, except I havent attempted suicide yet lol.  It also reminded me of that film, valley of the dolls.  Possibly due to the depressing-ness of it all.  I read ages ago on imdb that they were making the bell jar into a film, rumoured to have julia stiles in it which is amusing because in 10 things I hate about you she’s reading that book. I cant quite imagine her as esther though and Im not sure who else she would play. (my internet keep freezing, its very annoying).

Ashlie just came in to show me some pictures of Rob Pattinson with a painted on six pack. Its from some scene shots of new moon. I think it was heat magazine or some other trashy celeb filled crap that she insists on wasting her money on, along with her tabs. (Just found out why the internet keeps freezing, I think its coz of apple software update, stupid itunes and quicktime). Apparently that lass from another cinderella story (which is not a patch on the original – the lass is not as good as hillary duff and the guy is no where near as fit as chad michael murray. Also the guy in the 2nd one is at least 10 years older than the lass and looks it too) is dating him that plays jacob black, though as everyone does, they claim to be just good friends. Why do celebs always tend to date other celebs? They always break up because their egos are competing too much. They should lower their standards or whatever and date ordinary people, then there would most likely be someone at home to look after the kids while the celeb is busy celebing the world.

I think I better stop now, Im not sure where this is going…all I know is that somewhere I was going to mention the fact that Scarlet Johanson is not very pretty and looks like a guy half the time. Im note sure why everyone thinks she’s so pretty. In ghost world she really reminded me of this friend jenni I had at college. I think it may have been the hair. The only time she looks vaguelly pretty is in lost in translation, but she’s not stunning. I remember reading years ago that Daniel Radcliff (HP) was in love with her. Im sure he was probably only like 12 or 13 at the time – you cant really love someone at that age.

I better start packing tomorow, Im hoping Ashlies work have some carboard boxes I can put the stuff Im leaving here in. I’ll have to write a list of all my dvds Im leaving otherwise Ill forget what I own and not know what Ash has filched. I was in her room the other day and saw Empire Records. I totally forgot she’d borrowed that like 2 months ago. I think I may be a bitch and take that one home…Im sure Ive only seen it the once anyway. I’d be a mega bitch and take blood ties home but that box is a bit too big, Twilight is definately going home though :]

So none of this has helped my head. I still feel slightly depressed, spacey and woozey. I think Im just tired of Scarborough and want to go home. Roll on Sunday!


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