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Posted on: July 25, 2009

So I’m finally writing down my month in Peru as best as I can remember it, no doubt it will be all over the place and very bad sentence structures; but here goes.

So I cant even remember what date I set off lol, I know it was a wednesday night, before transformers 2 was out, so the 18th possibly round then.  Got the 8.30 train to london then the tube to heathrow and got there round 1ish in the morning. Slept in the airport, slept being the wrong word I think, there was this constant beep I could hear over my ipod.  Got a plane to madrid around 6.30 I think. Had a whole row to myself and either they didnt feed us or I slept through breakfast so I was starving when I got to madrid.  The airport there confused me, I had to get some weird train to my area where my flight was.  The plane to Lima was crap, was 12 hours I think sitting next to some spanish bloke who kept sneezing. Didnt even have our own tellys.  Watched 17 again which I saw at the cinema, bit of pink panther 2 but I fell asleep and woke up for the end of it, missed the black and white thing then watched Australia.  Then in Lima I waited 3 hours for my bag to come through then had to run through the airport and try and take my rucksack on as hand luggage as my flight was being called. I nearly missed it.  Was dark in Iquitos and I had to get a taxi on my own.  Got to the hotel, I was the first opwal to arrive I think so had a massive room to myself. Just before I went for breakfast Tania arrived. She was 27 but didnt look it most the time.  We went and explored Iquitos, got money changed etc. I hated the place, little kids pestering you, big kids pestering you. I got stalked by some mexican bloke too who insisted we went for a drink with him. Then Cat turned up to our room, shed lost her luggage. Next day Lorna and Allie turned up too, Allie was Canadian and a research assistant not a dissertation student.  Me, Tania and Allie went on a boat ride to some floating village where they still all manage to have tvs etc even though they live on a river and are poor.  Then we got took to some indiginous place where they tried to make us pay for some dance that we didnt want and couldnt afford. We finally got away, went to an ananconda place instead which was probably illeagal but who cares, we got to hold a sloth and an anaconda and stuff like that, then the boat got stollen so the guy left us with his kid son while he went off for a few hours to get it back. It got dark and was pretty scarry stuff. We were well glad the son was with us coz he wouldnt just ditch him lol. I think it was the indigenous folk who stole it. Got back just in time for the meal that all the opwal kids were going on.

Got a bus to a boat to the big boat. All the dissertation students with a few reasearch were on one big boat and the other research were on the shit boat as we called it (honest it was shit compared to ours). We had tea of spaghetti styled pasta which I hate and couldnt eat coz I only had a fork. Then I got drunk (oh yea we’d prepared ourselves with alcohol) then went to bed. I was sharing with Maz and Gosia who were both nice and Im gona miss them I think, spesh Maz she used to crack me up sometimes.  The boats started moving in the middle of the night so we were then seperated from the shit boat for about a week apart from when we went onland at santa rosa for about an hour or two.  Stoped at a brazilian military base too to get our passports checked.  Took nearly a week to get to lago pretto.  The boat ride was pretty dull, played cards and read a lot.

We ate rice for pretty much every meal, sometimes breakfast too. And a lot of chicken. I got home and on wednesday went to my nanas, she only went and did bloody chicken and rice didnt she! I had potatoes instead, Then my dad did chicken and rice the next day, I had fishcakes and potatoes. Had to have chicken and rice leftovers yesterday though. Then my mate invited me to hers for sweet and sour chicken (With egg fried rice) before I slept at hers, I said Id eat before I went round lol.

Spent 2 weeks on a boat going up and down the river and on a lake watching dolphins. Was pretty dull when the dolphins didnt turn up.  The boat seemed to have  a sand fly nest or something in it, I got mega attacked by them, I still have the bites, they seem to have swollen up again since gettng back.  The boat was covered too so I didnt even get a tan 😦

Had my birthday on the boat, I took the afternoon off and played rummy with Cat, Maz and Carly (who was the other dolphin person).  They had made a surprise card and got pretty much everyone to sign it. WE had a party with salsa music (YMCA spanish style is pretty cool), I got nicely wasted. I think its the first party Ive had for my birthday in a long long time and on the photos Im not the only one looking a mess coz everyone is just as hot and sweaty as me yay!

Then on the 5th July I went in the jungle coz Id never gone in yet, so I did a transect with James and Natalie. I slipped ona log and sprained my ankle really bad, I thought it was broken. But after sitting for about 15mins I decided I could walk again so we finished the transect then walked all the way back. I was in so much agony and trying to hold back my tears as best as I could. Made james pull my welly off my good ankle but he wouldnt do the other one incase he heard it so Austin did it, he said hed pull it off slowly so I thoguht that would mean fast coz he could be a jerk sometimes but he didnt so that was alright. It was a fucking massive swell though! The nurse only spoke spanish, I only spoke english. I sat in the shower and cried for a good long time then thought shit how do I stand up and get out the bathroom which had a bit of a step to stop water getting out the door.  My foot went awful, I wish Id taken photos of the loverly colours that it turned lol. Took the next day off and stayed in bed till food time coz I couldnt really get up and down stairs well. Alice lent me a tubygrip though so that helped a bit.

Then I went back to boring dolpins till we went home. Sucked that I couldnt get back in the jungle coz of my ankle

2 weeks watching dolphins and no decent photo of them 😦 will have to steal off someone else lol

The journey home was ok, took bout the same lenght of time. Had a proper salsa party one night where the peruvians attempted to teach us salsa, didnt work lol. Then one day after dinner me, nikki, nat, austin and toby played arsehole right up till tea time. thats about 5 hours lol. Was fun. We renamed them all though. Arsehole is now dickcheese, vice arsehole is fuckface, the person in the middle was dullard, then vice president was stallon and president was hitler. was pretty funny when people go from the top to the bottom in like 3 games or something.

One day we went to a peruvian town called islandia, all on stilts, then a brazillian town, dont remember its name then went to latticia in columbia. 3 countries in one day, epic!

Got back to Iquitos and I didnt seem to get pestered by kids as much so I liked it a lot better. WEnt ot a craft market and also a decent clothes shop!! topitop, got some jeans for 99soles wich is $33 so about 20 quid 🙂 All my clothes stank of jungle and I jsut wanted new stuff.

Found out my mam hadnt managed to change my flights which I was so happy about I nearly cried. Meant I was going home with Lorna too. Me lorna and josh were meant to be on the 3.10 flight from iquitos to lima but josh’s helpfull canadian travel people told him it was canceled and put him on the 10am one instead. Me and lorna had both booked through STA and hadnt been told anything. So I got up at 3am for a shower (I think I was awake from 1 coz of my ankle hurting and someone next door snoring and some dogs barking) but there was no water or electricity. WE got in a tuktuk at 4am to the airport. The gates were closed lol. Got put on the 7am flight with not much bother, loads of empty seats too.

Meant we had 10 hours in Lima airport. We could have gone into lima but neither of us could really afford it and its cold there coz next to the sea and winter time. So we just hung round the airport. got a manicure for $10, had starbuks, took photos of random stuff. Did more last minute shopping. Ate a deliciouse choclate cake that unfortunately went right through me. And played shithead with josh when he turned up later. got on our flight bout 7 or 8 I think. Was sitting at hte very back next to the loo and was freezing. Had this little spanish woman practically sleeping on top of me and some kid kept going to the loo and he would open the door before he flushed it then leave the door open. They had duplicity on which I dozed through, then monsters vs aliens that I started watching then suddenly fell asleep. Then some crap thing that I didnt watch. Lorna was in the seat infront. There was lots of fit guys to stare at though 🙂 Though I dont think the guys that had the funky trousers and tops had got on our flight, there was another to madrid round the same time they might have been on instead 😦

Had a few hours to kill in madrid, went to starbuks again lol. Lorna was on the flight to london an hour after mine, we hadnt realised that. Got to london, got fed good food on plane too 🙂 got met by my mam, got tube to kingscross then hung round there till 10, we could have got the 9pm train but she didnt know if there would be delays or not. 10pm train had a change at york. didnt get to newcastle till about 2- 2.30. Got to bed finally at 2.45 on wednesday morning and slept till 12 when my mam decided to wake me up, I could have slept longer. I had breaky then finally went in the shower for about an hour. I hadnt had a shower since aout 4.30 on the sunday. So ok it wouldnt have been as long as it sounds coz peru is 6 hours behind but it was still a long long time! And Im still sleeping a lot. slept till 11 this morning, I didnt go to bed till about 12.30 and I had got up at 9.30 that morning.

I should have put peruvian pics in here but theryre still on my camera, havent got round to putting them on here. Will do it soon though!


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