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God Bless Wor Draco

Posted on: July 28, 2009

WARNING:  May Contain Spoilers

So as the name of this blog may suggest, I finally went to see the latest Harry Potter flick (Half Blood Prince).  I must admit I had my doubts after the last film (which happens to be my least favourite book too) but I enjoyed this one a lot.  I think it was on for about 2 and a half hours, including adverts; so thats pretty short for a HP film, but it didnt drag so that was good.

As usual I thought the guy who plays Ron (Ruppert Grint or something) was the best actor out the lot, and at least he’s cut his hair again, it was awful in either 4 or 5 when they all had long scruffy hair.  He looks dead young again though, apart from he has muscles in his arms now lol.

I dont really like the girl who plays Hermione, or Hermione as a character either so I dont want to comment on her part too much apart from to say that I thought she talked too much again. Ron is Harry’s first best friend and should have a larger role in the films than she does I think.

Harry didnt seem to have much heart in this film.  I guess because I dont think much of Dan Radcliffe that I always think Harry is pathetic (I really shouldnt let my personal opinions get in the way).  But when he drank the liquid luck he seemed to be having more fun.  Though for some reason he always looks pale and washed out… ill sort of lol.

One thing that bugs me greatly about these recent films is that they hardly ever wear their uniform and are always in casual clothes.  Now seeing as Harry Potter doesnt have to hapennies to rub together and wears fat dudleys hand me downs Im still not sure where he gets his well fitting clothes from… or his converse (ok so they might have been lookylikes from Primark, I never actually saw the All Star sign on them, I did look though =P)

I noticed neville was in the background a lot but never actually said anything.  It makes me feel sorry for the characters like that, because they have such large roles in the books but because the films have to cut so much out they get shoved to the side.  Lavender did make me laugh and cringe with her wron wron stuff.  Hagrid didnt get much imput in the film either, and I noticed that we didnt actualy go to any defence against dark arts lessons…we only ever went to the one lesson, that potions one.  (Yes I know….time restrictions, flow of film etc etc, but still…).

I did enjoy when Ron was infatuated with Romilda and he just sat there gazing at the moon, he looked like a kid on Christmas day lol.

But to the most important character in Harry Potter – Draco Malfoy.  His hair looked somewhat decent in this film, though it will never look as good as in the very first one.  My mam said, I wonder what he looks like without a sneer on his face.  I just ignored her.  I felt really sorry for Draco and it made me cry a bit when he was crying in the toilets because the bird was dead…or maybe he was crying because of what he had to do to save his father and be a death eater.  Whatever the reason, it was all very sad.  And it is also sad because it is unlikely that he will have such a large role in the next film.

Considering the book and film is called Half Blood Prince, they didnt make such a deal about finding out who the HBP was.

The ending was very sad I thought, though it confused me to why they all just stood there and waited for Harry to approach Dumbledore, I cant remember if that happened in the book. But Im sure in the book Hagrid and McGonagol were fighting death eaters around the time that Snape and Malfoy were running away.  But when the school just stood there with their wands illuminated up to the sky made me want to cry a lot…I dont think I cried too much though =P  I did laugh at how small the population of the school looked, I always assumed there was loads of students, but I guess a lot had been taken out because their parents didnt think it was safe.

The whole Harry/Ginny thing was bugging me.  I think its Ginny’s voice.  Or maybe it was their lines, it just didnt seem natural.  I did laugh when Ron said did you and Ginny do it then, and Harry gets confused LOL BIG TIME!

I wish that death eater werewolf (whos name is temporarily escaping me) would not run around with his top open. He does not have a very nice chest in my opinion – put it away dude!

Im going to stop now, I can go on for ever lol. But all in all I thought it was a pretty decent film, better than number 5 and I cant remember number 4 to compare it to that. Though I think 1 -3 will always be my favourites coz theyre so young looking its funny, and theyre still exploring Hogwarts and having fun and not just all Must-Kill-Voldemort-For-I-Am-The-Chosen-One!

Luckily I think I get to sit through this film a few more times with my friends who want to go see it with me. Whooop!


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