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Posted on: July 28, 2009

I want my hair cut.  But I dont know what.  I quite fancy an undercut just to get rid of some of the heavyness lol.  But just a small undercut, not loads so that its obvious or anything. 

I dunno whether I should get a fringe, or a side fringe or anything.  Ive never had one and I just really want some thing different.

But I need a cut that makes my curls look nice, but would also look alright straight.

I really wish you could just go into the hairdressers and say this and then they would know what cut would suit your face shape and hair type etc etc.

Even if I dont get anything drastic done I need a trim at  least, havent had it done since before my friends birthday which was December 5th lol. Baaaad of me I know.  Plus if I get it cut it might grow a bit :]

But then I never know whether to just go to the local cheap place which is full of old grannies getting blue rinces despite the modern looking pictures on the wall, or whether to go to somewhere posh and fancy. At the moment I suspect cheap. I might go book a hair cut tomorow for thursday if I can get in.  Just need to find something.  No doubt I’ll just get a trim and my layers sorted out again :[ meh


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Do what I do and google some hairstyles or celebs with hair similar to yours and see what they do with it, then if you find anything you can take a pic with you. Orrrrr book an appointment and get there early so you can sit and look thru their hairstyle mags for a bit first. I go to a place in the metrocentre that I really like cos they really put the effort in to make sure every hair is perfect (it might just be the lass who does my hair thought haha) I wouldn’t go to one of the posh places like Tony and Guy – you just end up with a mullet then. But the crap places don’t put the effort in enough. I normally pay about £30 for a cut and blowdry if that’s any help?

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