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Pet Peeves

Posted on: August 5, 2009

So I kept meaning to write this post for about the last week, but just never got round to it, till now :]

As the title suggests, its about pet peeves.  Just random things that can really annoy me but most people would probably thing what the hell.  So if you really want to know how to annoy me read on …

Numero 1, I often forget about this until I see it and it really upsets me.  Plus I notice it often at the begining of the day so it can ruin the whole day.  It is totally pathetic and I accept that; but it is my pet peeve.  So this is it:

You know on the cornflake boxes how they have a slit and a sticky out bit that gets put in the slit to keep the box closed? Well my sister for some reason is now too lazy to stick the flap in the slit and instead shoves it under the other bit of box somehow.  So the box is still shut but its bent slightly and if left like that for too long then it refuses to go in the slit because the carboard is now skewiff.  Totally pathetic I know but it really really really bugs me, I think I have slight OCD on it its that bad!


Number 2 is a one that most people share with me.  Noisy eaters.  My dad eats so loud I feel sick!  And then I start to panic incase I’m eating loudly too.  Because I cant tell how loud I eat due to the fact that it sounds loud in my head even when it might not outside my head (you know when you have a cold and eat a hoola hoop and the crack just sounds so loud so you start to panic incase everyone heard it and you try to eat the hoola hoops quietly? Thats me constantly!)

Three: I dont like plugs being left switched on for no reason, especially if there is nothing in the socket! Thats just a waste, it realises CO2 or something into the atmosphere, I read that somewhere on an advert for making Newcastle a CO2 free place.

Number 4 on my pet peeves list is pretty stupid considering the state of my bedroom. But it is that I hate mess and cluter!! Especailly in kitchens.  My dad always leaves drops of water on the kitchen bench from pouring water from the kettle to his cup and he never cleans it up. It pisses me right off coz then I clean it up and the bench is slightly damp from the dish cloth. So then any stray cereal gets slightly damp too and doesnt taste nice :[


I think that may be it for now.  No doubt I’ll think of more and attempt to update this blog or write a pet peeves 2 :]


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You forgot about chevrons (damn them)!

who or what is chevrons?

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