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Things My Mother Told Me

Posted on: August 6, 2009

I realised today that my mam lied to me when I grew up (ok so I figured this out a long time ago, Im not that dense!).  And seeing as I seem to be in a listy mood, here’s a list of things my mam/dad/any other relative told me that I used to belive:

  • Santa Clause is real – sorry to start off harsh by killing that reality.  But I sadly no longer believe that.
  • Easter Bunny really brings your Easter eggs and hides them round the house while you’re at church – yet another disapointing lie.
  • The Tooth Fairy – uhoh, we better all clap our hands again because I think a fairy just died there.
  • If you eat your crusts your hair will go curly – well I ate my crusts, just because I liked them. But I already had curly hair….or is that why my hair is curly hmmm?
  • Fairies washing up – you know that pretty rainbow pattern you get on the roads when its raining. I think it might be off the petrol Im still not sure. But my mam used to tell me the fairy’s had been doing their washing and it was their laundry. I told my friend and she wouldnt believe me. I was very upset off that.
  • God is real. Jesus is real – well I havent worked that one out yet.

Strangely one thing that I was never told I do tend to believe in.  That is the fact that I like to pretend vampires, werewolves and witches exist (And dragons).

I will add more but my mind is dead and I have to go.  If you were told a lie do add to my list :]


2 Responses to "Things My Mother Told Me"

Haha I know what you mean about ignoring the conventional beliefs but sticking to the vampires etc. Ever since I was tiny I’ve thought vampires were after me, I remember crying when my mam replaced the horizontal metal blinds in my old bedroom with those silly material vertical ones. When they were metal I could hear if a vampire tried to come in my room thru the window at night! I also developed a habit of only being able to sleep if my neck is covered – a habit I can’t seem to get out of haha. I also thought that at night when the roads were quiet that ghost trains used to run on them and if u walked along the road instead of the path u’d get hit…

I don’t think these were lies I was told though – my deluded mind just made them up myself for entertainment lol

NB: I was still tiny when the blinds were changed haha, not as if it was just last year!

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