Lizzybeth’s Look On Life

A Real Life Conversation With A Father

Posted on: August 16, 2009

Stage directions in italics.

Setting: circa 10.30 am Sunday 16th August 2009, the Dinning Room.

Daughter comes downstairs for breakfast; Father is sitting there playing his melodeon/accordion instrument.  Daughter eats a bowl of Kellogs cocopops topped with raisins and strawberries.  Just as she finshes up the Father stops playing and starts talking…

Father: Why don’t you play an instrument?

Daughter: Becuase I can’t play one.

Father: Well you never learned.

Daughter: Well I asked for drums but never got them.

Father: Drums, after all the trouble we had with that sod grandson next door.  Anyway drums are just for people who have had lobotomy.

Daughter is in the kitchen at this point washing dishes. Not sure if she’s heard correctly she asks what he said.  Father repeats.  Daughter is unsure of whether this is a joke or not as she can’t quite remember what lobotomy is.  She therefore just ignores him.

Father: I thought you used to want to learn the Northumbrian Bagpipes?

Daughter: Years ago yes.


That appears to be the end of the conversation as by this point the daughter was too busy memorising all of this to carry on talking or remember what was said afterwards.  The daughter has now looked up what lobotomy is and is fully convinced that that was a bad father joke earlier.


This little scripted story of true life is copywrited to me so please do not filch without permission


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