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The Return Of J. G-L.

Posted on: August 18, 2009

I bet you’re well intrigued to see who this mysterious J. G-L is aren’t you?


Ok randomness over. J. G-L is of course Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  He’s not returning from anything really, just back into my life.  It started last week, I was in blockbusters buying some used dvds where they have 3 for a tenner.  One of the one’s I picked up was Brick staring Mr Gordon -Levitt himself.  The guy at the till was asking me if I’d seen any of the ones I was buying, I’d only seen Alpha Dog. He picked up Brick and said he watched some of it but never finished it and couldnt remember if it was because it was rubbish.  Im pretty sure I said something along the lines of “Im only buying it because I like the guy in it”

Anyway the guy at the till was like “oh yea he hasnt been in anything for a while, what was it he was in-”

“10 Things I Hate About You” I interupted with. Till guy looked confused,

“3rd Rock From The Sun…”

“Yea he was in that, I never watched it,” I said.

I think that was about it for our JGL conversation.


But then yesterday when I was in the cinema seeing The Time Travellers Wife an advert for (500) Days of Summer.  I nearly hyperventilated in the cinema and kept saying over and over to my friend “Its him, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, oh my god!!”  (By the way the film does look good, not just because he’s in it!)

SO I just went on imdb, it turns out he’s in G.I. Joe – another reason to go see that film! I still want to see it!! And he’s actually been in quite a lot of things, not the quiet guy I thought he was being. At some point I shall have to investigate these films.

So come and embrace the love for Joseph




1 Response to "The Return Of J. G-L."

Haha i’ve always thought he was a bit weird. But check out the blockbuster guy hittin on you haha.
He’s in a film called Stop Loss aint he? It’s a canny gud film, i’m pretty sure it was him who’s in it – i was kinda distracted by Channing Tatum though..

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