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Time Travel

Posted on: August 18, 2009

I went to see the Time Travelers Wife yesterday.  This is not a review on the film though as I dont really want to write one, it was an ok film though and you should go see it if you want to.  But no, this is a blog about how time travel screws with my mind…

I guess I’d better start with space, the whole idea of space scares me if I think about it too much (I don’t think I’ve blogged about this on here yet, but my views may have changed if I have).  I’m not sure why it scares me so much, I think possibly the fact that we think we’re so important but really we are just little dots on an insignificant ball of rock, because Earth is tiny compared to some planets (ok they may be too poisonous or cold to hold life as we know it).  And then our milkyway is pretty small when you think about the fact that there are loads of other universes in the galaxy…how many galaxies are there though? Is there just one or lots.  I wish we could get to these other universes like they do in star wars/ star trek/ any spacey sort of film or tv show.

But this blog is about time travel not space and its scary vastness (I just want to mention that I really wish I could get to a parallel universe to see what happened to me! I tried getting there by moving in all directions as suggested by some book I used to own that explained the science side of Phillip Pullmans Dark Materials (they said alternative and parallel universes did exist I swear!).

Sidetracked again….back to time travel.  Time Travel in my opinion, as good as it  sounds, is impossible.  Everything you did would screw with the system.  If you go back in time to try to change something you or someone did, or to tell yourself something, that would then alter your whole life because you wouldnt suddenly know something, you would always have known it, so then would you have bothered to go back in time to tell youself it when you got to the time when you did that? Confused huh? And if you went forwards in time to try to put something right how would you have known at that point to go forwards? You would first have to go backwards to tell yourself to go forwards.

Plus you could just end up being your own dad like that kid from Back to the Future (or he nearly did if he didnt actually do it, long time since I seen it).

If you could time travel you would never die, well yoo would but you wouldnt too coz you could travel forwards past the time of your death to see what it was like.  I had a bigger point about time travel and its impossibilities to make but I cant remember now as it’s taken me this long to write this as I keep getting distracted.  But if I remember I shall add it


1 Response to "Time Travel"

Haha my brother always complains about time travel and how ‘no one ever gets it right, there’s always something that doesn’t make sense’
He watched all the Harry Potter films this week for the first time and he was impressed by the time turners, but I’m sure there was still something that he complained about….think it was that Harry saved himself and that couldn’t have happened. The rest of the stuff like the rescue of the hippogriff and returnin at the exact second the left he liked. He just doesn’t understand interaction with others and changing things that were definately another way in the past/future lol

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