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The Quest For THE Coat

Posted on: August 20, 2009

I am determined to find a jacket like the one Dakota Fanning wears in Push.  Knowing my luck with fashion they will probably be all the rage in about 2 years (I remember wanting a fishermans hat in yr 4 and they came in fashion briefly when I was in yr 6 I think, then yr 10 I looked everywhere for a long white gypsy skirt and they were out the following summer in yr 11, so I got one!).

Anyway here’s what Ive found so far:

This is the outfit Dakota wears with a nice picture of the back of the jacket which is the important bit:

On Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Warehouse etc etc I had no luck so I went to ASOS and found a few that looked promising:  I think the back is very good, well the bottom but, not too sure on that flapy thing at the top. But Im not sure if Im keen on the front with the tie thing, can that come off? Also £100 is abit out of my range lol, even though I could probably get it as a christmas present as it is a good winter coat, but wool means I wont be able to wear it all year round…though Dakota Fanning’s was apparently wool too.  This one is more in my price range at £48 plus I do like the lining that shows if you roll the sleeves up.  If I dont find a decent pleated back jacket I think I may settle for this ruffle back, the only thing with buying online is you cant tell if you actually like it or not! Plus I dont think it has pockets, I like pockets…I want pockets.  The front is all wrong on this but the back is very nice, also £165 phweeee!!

As none of these are the exact (or thereabouts) copy of the jacket from Push I’m not too happy with them. If you do happen to see one in a shop or online do tell so I can investigate!!


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