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What Makes A Geek? NOT Star Wars Fo’Sho

Posted on: August 22, 2009

This is me; having a rant; about geeks-dorks-nerds-whatever you call them.

It really bugs me when you read an interview with a celeb (take Scarlet Johanson in an article for Look magazine a few weeks ago) and they have in massive writing “Im a secret geek”.  You just know for a fact that its going to have something to with them either having read a comic book at some point in their life time or having seen and enjoyed Star Wars.

OK, so some people who like that sort of thing could be classed as geeks if they can spout a lot of useless information about it (be it Star Wars or whatever comic they are into or whatever includes you in this geek club), and by a lot I mean a lot!! I dont class knowing one or two things as being a geek.

And if you think you are a geek, why do people think its cool to be a geek? Arent they suposed to get their heads flushed down toilets and all that? So why would you want to tell everyone that you are a geek?  Take the main character from the House of Night series – good books but Zoey does my head in everytime she says she’s a geek for liking Star Wars (the original 3) or stuff like that.  I feel like shaking her and yelling “Hello, you’re not a geek FFS; you’re an uber cool vampyre fledgling with lots of super cool powers and tattoos and are possibly more powerful than the high priestess…oh and you talk to a goddess!”

Plus, the amount of comics, manga, anime, comics that have turned to films, sci-fi books/films, fantasy books/films that are read/watched by the amount of people who like them, I think I can say that a vast amount of people in the world enjoy them and therefore you cannot be a geek for also enjoying them because geeks are meant to be a minority and uncool, so in this case the geeks would be the people who do not enjoy them.

I say all this because 1, it seriously annoys me when celebrities and characters think they are geeks just because they like comics or enjoy Star Wars (which incidently was voted (the original Star Wars) the best film in some Channel 4 awards thing, I cant remember the exact detail I just know we had to watch the film and analyse it and say why it was still the peoples favourite after 30 years or so back when I was in year 9 for English)… get over yoursefl, practically everyone does!

And 2, because I enjoy a bit of Star Wars, comic books/films, manga, anime, fantasy books/films and sci-fi films (not so much the books) and I dont class myself as a geek so why should they?

Just a final thought, do people who read Terry Pratchett Discworld class themselves as geeks? Because they are fantasy, have a cult following and are possibly slightly geeky. But people dont say “oh Im a geek because I read Discworld” No, because people would reply “Oh I read Discworld too, its well cool and funny”  This is how Star Wars has allowed itself to be resembled as geeky, because for some reason people hardly ever respond with “Oh I like Star Wars, its well cool!” (well I do!)

We should slap these wanabe geeks down back where they belong with the rest of us…plain normal folk!


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