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Leeds Fest 09

Posted on: August 31, 2009

I finally went to a festival (I dont class radio1’s 1big weekend coz you dont camp) and it was pretty awshum!

Got the train to leeds on the wednesday night and then a taxi to the field where we sat in a little que waiting till 3am when they opened the door. Jagermeister became my new friend.  We (my mate Christina and I) made friends with some kid called Kenzie who had a new suit jacket as he kept calling it for a tenner from oxfam tent (it was blatently a blazer!)  We dumped our tent next to theres in blue coz didnt know where else to put it then me and Tina went for a wander.

Thursday got up really really early coz you can hear everyone else getting up and it wakes you up.  It was sunny so I wore shorts and my converse (I didnt wear my wellies the weekend coz the one day I put them on I felt daft coz it wasnt muddy enough and they made my feet too hot, so now I just have dirty trainers lol) and we went off to Tesco to stock up on more alcohol, oranges and crisps (yea we had no idea what to eat, I forced the oranges on us coz I like fruit).  We didnt want to wait in the massive que for the bus back so got a taxi.  Oh we also waited for an hour to use Tesco loos coz everyone else had the same idea and they only had 2 loos next to cafe.  It would have been so much quicker if theyd made boys use theirs and girls use theirs as there was a lot less girls in the que when I was in it.

Got back to camp and noticed that our new ‘friends’ had vanished and a totally different tent was there (we never saw our ‘friends’ again lol).  Was a pretty crap day coz there was nowt to do cept sit in the sun.  At night they opened the festivaly bit so we went in and went on the big wheel and the waltzer.  Everyone around us was drunk and us two were strangelly sober :/ it kinda sucked.  I think they might have had a silent disco on that night but we didnt go coz we were both shattered from not much sleep, we kept meaning to another night but we were always too tired so just went back to the tent each time to sleep while everyone around us talked, drank, had some raving disco by the sounds of it…I should have camped in a quieter area lol but those are too far away.

Friday we went and got us some merch. I got a nice vest top, it doenst have the bands listed on the back which Im half glad and half sad about, it doesnt even say the year. I think they might have had some originally with the bands on the back but theyd ran out of so many already.  Saw Spinnerette as the first band, they kinda sounded just like the cd which is good coz I love the cd but it would have been nice to have some more energy. But it was frigging awsome to see Brody Dale in the flesh, I love her lots (Im also secretly glad to see she aint mega mega skinny or owt). Wish I could have seen Chuck Ragan but I think he was on at the same time sadly.  I think we saw a bit of the courteeners or something, we also watched some ‘funny’ guy which was quite funny.  Then I think we saw rival schools coz they were on before the Mad Caddies who we wanted to see.  The Mad Caddies were ever awsome but not on for long enough! I made a friend in the pit for that but never got his name lol, he did hold me up the entire time coz my ankle was killing (I had to get a shitty tuby grip from first aid).  Then I saw the bronx :] The singer climbed up the massive pole in the middle of the tent and jumped onto us and I crowd surfed for the first time ever and it was awsome! We then saw a tiny bit of the prodogy at some point, Tina hates them so we didnt get to see much :[ saw a bit of Artic Monkeys then I went to see Rise Against while she stayed and watched AM.  Crowd surfed twice to them, they were amazing, I get to see them for third time in Novemeber (I feel like Im stalking them).  Then like hard core partiers we went to bed coz we were exhausted and Id lost my voice a bit lol.

Saturday our mate Joanne and her mate Lisa (who Tina is also friends with, Id never met her before) came coz they had day tickets, they turned up well early lol but it was good to have some people to talk to.  We saw kids in glass houses who were ok, a bit of Noah and the Whale whoever they may be then the Living End who I love but they would have been suited to a smaller tent to get a nice crowd going.  I think we maybe watched a bit of the view/and or brand new, I remember walking back to the tent when Frank Turner was on the NME stage, shame I didnt see him coz I like think of the Real Damage as my soundtrack coz it sounds pretty much like half my nights out, I did see him doing a song I recognised but not sure what it was, possibly long live the queen or photosynthesis.  Anyway we went to see Vampire Weekend coz the other 3 like them, I new about 2 songs but they were ok I guess.  Then we sat outside NME and watched gaslight anthem, I went to the bar at this point and heard someone shout my name, it turned out to be Robin who used to do a masters at uni but then his funding was cut short or something, so I was talking to him for a bit. I was surprised he recognised/remembered me seeing as I dont have him on facebook or anything lol. I feel bad that I never asked him how he was really coz he was asking how I was doing at uni and that.  But it was good to see another person I knew there.  Then I went to see Gallows finally and omg they were amazing!! I wish theyed play at the uni’s instead of accademy coz of the stupid crowd surfing rule they have there.  I hadnt really heard their new album yet but they did lots of old songs too which was good including my favourtie Orchestra of Wolves which I went over the top for of course :]  On their last song a load of random people came on stage from the sides I think, was funny, one guy was just in boxers and they pulled them down at the end and he ran off pretty quick lol.  Then AFI were on afterwards, seen them before and they were just as good this time, I ended up standing next to this guy in the pit and I looked at him and was like “Is your name Sparky?” “yea….” “You go to scarborough uni dont you” “yea…” “You do drama with manda, I used to live with her” Then I ran off, it was pretty weird seeing him just standing there lol…he looks a bit like that kid from skins/about a boy….you know – kinda strange looking lol. I also think I nearly broke someones neck when I went over the top for AFI but I said sorry to him nicely so he cant complain, most people just ignore me when they nearly break my neck!  We went to see Radiohead but they were kinda shit and quiet so instead I ended up feeling really unwashed and seeing Lostprophets (I hate them with a passion yet I have no idea why – I just do!) I suppose they were alright if you like them, I just think Ian Watkins is a twit.

Saturday night was squished coz Joanna and Lisa stayed in our tent before driving back the next day.  Sunday went to see Sonic Boom Six who were great as like last time. Then we sat at the barrier thats in the middle to stop the crowds too bad and watched madina lake and alexisonfire who were all good and I made friends with some lass called Kim from Durham, Im finding it hard to find her on facebook though coz I cant quite remember what she looked like cept she had piercings lol. Dont think I saw riverboat gamblers or anyone like that even though I like them.  Saw a bit of new found glory, they did kiss me and my friends over you and were alrighty.  Saw the aggrolites Im pretty sure =S Deffinately saw the bouncing souls. Missed jacks manquine coz I totaly forgot they were on plus I dont own any of their stuff anymore, also missed the deftones sadly, not sure where I was at that time either.  Saw the end of placebo then all of the kaiser chiefs (they should totally headline, they were the best band on the main stage the whole weekend). I remember seeing them at Radio1 1big weekend sunderland and being really surprised by how good they were. Again I was surprised (Silly really, I should have remembered) and even though it had started raining it was so good that I couldnt tell.  Saw a bit of kinds of leon but wasnt impressed and went to see Billy Talent (who Id gone for anyway) and they were awsome as ever cept I couldnt even see Ben’s face (stooopid crowd) and it was major packed that you couldnt even have a pit.  I told myself I would surf during red flag coz its my fav (woah spoooky, it just came on itunes now lmao!) and they did it last (I was majorly dying of thirst by this point) but it was AWSHUM!!!!


ooo one of the times I was surfin (during rise against I think) I went over the barrier backwards like headfirst, that was fun lol :]

The bad bit: On Saturday I kinda got some weird thing that made feel like I wanted a crap every 5seconds but nothing would come out (luckily I dont mind walking to the furthest portaloos coz they flushed, had paper and were cleaner)…sadly I still have this annoying bowel movement now! I think its due to lack of food, I kinda just had a lot of liquid lunches/breakfasts/teas….mainly cider.

I aquaried tastes for jagermeister, cider (ok I already kinda liked that) and crowd surfin (which I always thought looked mega scary) during this weekend of festivalness. WAS GOOOOOD!

I have over 50 bruises, especially on my shins and my ankle that was swollen from Peru and slowly deflating has now swelled up again :[

sunday night was not good, for some reason Tina made me pack everything up (Even sleeping bag) incase we had to abandon our tent asap due to riot fires that always go on with the illeagal gas canisters that people somehow still get in. So we basically sat and shivered till about 5ish when we packed up and got the bus to the train station, there was loads of people on the buses and we realised theyd probs been on all night and we could have gone earlier. There was a nice cordoned off area in leeds train station with a lot of sleeping smelly festival peeps lol. But no train to newcastle, so we got the one to scarborough and got off at york and got on one to newcastle there where this guy called can hands or something (some long funny story he told us) was talking to us coz he didnt go this year but used to go a lot till they started having mainly indie headlining, he now seems to stick to download by the looks of it…he was in newcastle for the first time and going to the hilton (I really wanted to ask why but didnt, just he had a dreads and didnt really look like a hilton stayer lol)….we passed some weird newcastle ‘art’ – it was a sculpture made of shopping trolleys, Id never seen it coz the train went in a different way.


All in all though it was a brilliant weekend with decent weather (I had shorts on on saturday too it was that good) :]

Oh and I find this werid, I said I saw Robin right, well I saw him the next day with his girlfriend and 2 other peeps (I think he had the day off or something). I find it strange that I saw him twice yet my mate Paul who lives downstairs and who had texted saying we should meet up…well we never did coz I guess I had more ‘time’ on sat but he was “fucked in a bad way” on drink and drugs and I guess he spent the whole of sat in his tent (he really should learn, he’s 28 or something and goes to Leeds practically every year)

Thats it for now, I should probably sleep but I aint that tired still. Hope you enjoyed the essay =p


2 Responses to "Leeds Fest 09"

Haha sounds like a good weekend altho I didnt really need to know about your bowel movements haha. I’m always too scared to crowd surf cos u get those weird ppl who just try to cop a feel when u pass

I think you get people like that everywhere though coz the guy who was keeping me up in the mad caddies also kept feeling me up. But yea someone who went over me at somepoint, someone else had grab ahold of their waste band and their pants nearly fell off. I cant remember if it was a lass or a guy

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