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Interview With The Human

Posted on: September 17, 2009

Ok so Hayley wanted something to read and I havent wrote  a blog in a while…but sadly this is going to be a weird one as I have not much to say.

So here’s a little interview with yours truly:

What have you been doing lately?

Well I have been getting intimate with 3 Heathers and lots of grass.  I’ve also spooked out a number of deer by staring at them solidly for 5 minutes.

That sounds fun, where was that at?

It was on the lovely Isle of Arran just off Och-Aye-Noo-Land

How was the weather?

When it rained it was very very wet but when it was sunny it was lovely and I could take my coat off, put my sunnies on and by an ice cream (hence the double chins)

Enough of Arran, what else you been up to?

I went to Rainworth, Mansfield, Nottingham for Ashlie’s 21st, was ok. Then I went to Scarborough to tidy up the mess that the builders had left so I can move in nicely at the weekend.

What are you feeling?


What are you thinking?

That my room at home needs tidying but Im getting very sick of cleaning up at the moment, I also wish I knew where my dad was so I could ask him for a lift to Scarbs, I need to know what day so I can sort out meeting my grandma and going out the night before with what ever friends can be bothered to turn up.

What are you going to do with the rest of your night?

I’m going to watch episode 1 of vampire diaries and sulk that I still cant get a complete season 2 of True Blood

Any final words for your readers?

Stay safe, don’t do drugs … Visit Scotland!


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You’re really weird.

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