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The Deep Depression

Posted on: September 26, 2009

So here is the blog I promised about what upset me deeply and had (still does have) me feeling very misserable.

I was sick of wearing the same necklace so I went to my nice blue big with miffy on (that once held chocolate) to pick out a different necklace and nearly broke down in tears when I looked inside…

…what did I see you want to know.  It was devistating I dont know how to put it into words but basically at least 5 necklaces were broken and 2 beaded bracelets (that looked like the string had been cut to break them because the beeds were fine!)

My favourite necklace ever, a punky pins peggy the unicorn has no head :[

The necklace I have now has no head

The necklace I have now has no head

My really bright rainbow stars necklace (Also punky pins and Ive hardly worn it coz I just got it [in the sale luckily]) has broke, my pink deer necklace (yet another punky pins sale item) has no head…ummm my giant red heart with a frowny face thingy necklace (lady luck rules ok) is cracked in half…I may be able to fix it into a broken heart neacklace and then my bat necklace from some austrailian website has broken but one of the bats is still attached so hopefully I can make that one work.


Due to my depression at said beheaded Peggy I emailed punky pins becuase with it being around 2 years old they dont make it anymore and I couldnt find it online. They sent me a nice email back today saying they’ll make me one speshally for £12 an p&p (I think I payed about £15 from Vortex for mine) so Im happy again coz I phoned them up and got it ordered :]


So how did my jewlery break? I think either it was on the floor on wednesday when I was getting ready to go out and either a drunk Ashlie or a drunk Christina stood on it (I have vauge memories of saying “dont worry nothing will be broken”) or what I think is more possible (though Im not sure how the beaded braclets would break this way) is that it was in one of my unpacked bags on the floor and when I fell of my chair trying to shut my window (And consequently really hurt my bum) I fell onto the jewelery and smashed it to smithereens and then totaly forgot to look at it.

Luckily my red hearts necklace that I wear a lot recently was on my table (or my neck) so didnt break and also my heart with wings which was in the bag is pretty sturdy so didnt break…my totoro necklace didnt break or my bambi one some Im happy with that…Im also impressed my red stars bracelett didnt smash seeing as my gold horseshoe anklet (fake gold of course) somehow snapped in the middle so i cant fasten it anymore….


Its all been so strange, like someone deliberatly sabotaged my jewelery! and I am still recovering, how am I going to replace them all (Im just incredably happy with punky pins for making a Peggy up specially for me!) seeing as Im a skint student I cant really afford it all :/


For some reason this went into drafts yesterday instead of publishing….strange


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