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Scarborough Fair

Posted on: October 1, 2009

Ok so I’m bored but I havent done anything worthy of blogging on and I have nothing interesting to voice my opinion on either so I thought I’d blog about Scarborough fair.

This will probably only make sense to Hayley when I describe it this way but basically Scarborough fair is like the Hoppings (or town moor, whatever you call it); by that I mean travelling rides coming together; but obviously it aint going to be the size of the Hoppings and is instead roughly the size of Luna Park at South Shields.  Today it was half price rides between 3 and 6 which meant I couldnt see it all lit up but at least most the rides were only £1.

mmm I think the first one we went on was those miami wave things (dont know real name but you’ll probably know what I mean, they have them everywhere).  Then we went on king frog (sometimes they have a jimminy cricket on the top instead of a boring fat frog). Then it was possibly the waltzer, waltzer are my favourite fun fair ride ever and I want to work on one! One guy was really bad at spinning but the bigger looking bloke was great! I felt like my back was gonna break coz my head was flung over the seat :]  Ash said she’d never been on a waltzer before, I cant quite believe that, like how can someone never have been on one? Especially as they have the world famous goose fair (which Id never heard of till she mentioned it).  Then me and Ash went on a shit ride that looks really fast but its soooo slow when you’re on it.

 Then we all went on some ride I dont know the name of, it has 2 sets of four sets of four seats facing each other in a square and they spin while the ride goes up on its side, it was kinda slow at first but then at the end it kicks in goes mega fast with uber g-forceness. Chris got on it free coz the guy didnt take her token so I took it and me and Ash went back on later (after Ash and Amy had gone on a ghost train [lameo!]) but this time I could leave my bag with Chris and Amy so it was better.

Then me and Ash went on the rotor, or sticky walls as I used to call them. I’d only been on once years ago with Sam at the hoppings (We were probably in year 8 or 9) and it had been great, its that ride where the floor goes down and you get stuck to the wall. Well this time it was crap and a waste of a quid as I continued to slide down the wall the whole time the ride was moving round till I was actually standing on the floor at the end.  Ash was slipping too though not as much but everyone else seemed to be stuck fine. I asked for my money back but the guy was like “Well it was the normal speed and everyone else was stuck so I dont know why you didnt” and refused to refund me.  I was not happy! Maybe I was wearing none stick clothing =p

After that dissapointment we were going to go on those things called pinbuzz or something, 2 things at the end of giant pendulum sticks that swing round very high (I wasnt too keen on it, always refuse it normally) but luckily it was still kinda expensive even half price so we didnt go on. Instead me and Ash went on the crazy shaker or whatever its called, you know those round things that bounce and you just gota hold onto the back of it if you dont want to go flying across the ride (but of course the whole point is to go flying around). Twas fun, I managed to crush some little kid who ran across the ride and sat at the empty gap next to me thinking he had loads of space, sucker!

We went home after that as Ash got really ill, she thinks she may have irritable bowel syndrom, she is now in bed watching season 1 of True Blood (Again!) that I managed to get her addicted too *giggles evily* so we never got to go on the carousel :[ which me and Chris were looking forward to greatly as they are amazing contraptions, I do like the one at Beamish a lot and I always try drag a mate on the one at the hoppings; which they are normaly happy to go on :] so me and Chris might try go back before it finishes on Saturday just to go on that even though it wont be half price anymore.


So I think thats it about Scarborough Fair (can you tell how bored I am if I wrote about rides I went on lol)…ooo another useless thing I discovered today that the shop where Ashlie works sells Liquid Gold Room Odouriser which is more commonly known as poppers. I wonder if she knows she sells drugs, right next to the till aswell!

And yet another useless thing, my mate Tina has just informed me she has a touch screen laptop, didnt know they existed lol Im sooo behind times =p


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