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Just A Crappy Rant

Posted on: October 7, 2009

I need to rant and vent and vent and rant so bare with me or just dont read at all lol.  I cant even be bothered to colourise it but at least I remembered the more button.

  • First off True Blood, finally got all of season 2 and have now watched it all. I need season 3 but I dont even think theyve started the filming yet. No fair!!
  • Along the lines of True Blood, I introduced it to Ashlie and was then kind enough to give her the last 3 episodes of season 2 when I hadnt had a chance to watch them because I actually turn up to uni instead of being ill all the time (ok so she cant help the fact that she may be allergic to weat or whatever but still Im sure she could have made it to the doctors this morning to speed up the discovery of what is the matter with her).  So there I was up at uni at pointless seminars and shrubs meetings while shes in bed watching the end of season 2. Then when I get home she’s like omg it was amazing you have to watch it blah blah blah so Im a bit pissed and ranty that she watched the end first and then kinda made it seem like she’d got me hooked on it not the other way round.  That might seem petty but it really bugs me.
  • Our new potential house mate, Barbara came today. She seems alright but I dunno…I was a bit annoyed that she wants to pay her electric up to xmas now if she moves in. We’re on a keycard so we just top it up equal ammounts each time it gets low. She’s gonna totally screw up the system!!
  • My sister phoned an put me in a really bad mood wanting to know if Id phoned my mam back, which I had but I got answer phone then she phoned me while I was at the seminar at uni today so had to leave a message. And my sister had the cheek to assume because Id left it till 8 to phone my mam on her birthday that Id forgotten it was her birthday. I hadnt but the way she kept saying I had then I had to defend myself so I sounded guilty really pissed me off and Im going to go to bed in a bad mood from it most likely.
  • Im getting spots again….probably all this stress.
  • What stress you say? Well the only lesson Ive actually had is fish and fisheries this week and already Ive got shit loads of work for it. I really wish Id wrote up my dissertation in the summer instead of being lazy.
  • Facebook is pissing me off.  I finally got my photos up by putting like 10 up at a time then I tagged them all and it came up with a stupid error so they are as yet untagged. I’ll try tagging tomorow.
  • Pretty sure I wanted to rant about other things but now I dont remember so Im going to watch s03e04 of gossip girl which shall hopefully chear me up.
  • Oh and the weathers pissing me off
  • And the fact they have the xmas street lights up in Scarbs ready to turn on at the flick of a switch. Its waaay too early.
  • OOOO thursdays look good to me again, new season of Scrubs :] but I cant remember if they said this is the last one with JD in it or if he’s left now and only turns up occasionally (that could be the season after this one, though I dont get how the main guy who does the voice overs can leave a show)

2 Responses to "Just A Crappy Rant"

I know wot u mean about it pissin ya off wen ppl u told to watch summit gets to see eps before you. It annoys the hell out of me too….and it’s VERY hard to watch summit b4 me lol. You’re getting spots again? I never got rid of mine. Stupid young skin!!! Oh and John Lewis in town has all of downstairs all christmassy selling trees and stuff…and I thought the halloween deco in shops was early!!

Bainbridges is always early with their decs, I wouldnt be surprised if the floor before the toy floor in fenwicks has their xmas stuff in too! They havent done Fenwicks windows yet have they?
Well yea I never really got rid of my spots but I have about 10 just appeared at once, I have also caught Ashlies cold thanks to her coming in my room and coughing very regularlly

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