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Oh My Effing God I Just Don’t Feel Special Anymore

Posted on: October 8, 2009

In my head, while I thought of what to write, the title of this post would have been along the lines of “Oh My Effing God I Just Won Something” and of course that made me feel so special – But now I don’t…how come?

At freshers fair I entered a free prize draw with the crown spa hotel to win something, can’t quite remember what it was now.  And today I got a text saying “U r a runner up in the CROWN SPA HEALTH CLUB freshers fayre prize draw & have won a free day pass!”

Well imagine my excitment!! I’d actually won something; so ok I’m not one of those people who go “OMG this is the first time I’ve ever won anything in my life” but lately the only things I’ve won is the Afghanistan lottery where they would kindly like my bank details so they can transfer the US$1000000000 without the FBI noticing or God will hate me forever I dont click the attachment.  So yea, basically it was something good and worthwhile that I’d won.

So I was feeling loved and special and all “yay my name got picked out” even if it was just a free day at the gym and pool coz it turns out the facials and all that arent included in the runner up prize.  I even told my mam that I’d won something and she was like “wow someone in our family actually wins things”

But then it was all spoilt…Ashlie read her emails.  Turns out she’d won aswell so she phoned up to find out the details and it turns out everyone who entered won a runner up prize (obviously the winner won the big thing).  I wasnt too bothered about her winning as well, meant I had someone to go with….but the fact that every single person who put their name and contact details on a bit of white paper won it now makes me feel not special :[

We booked for wednesday as you only have a week to use it and she’s at work all weekend, then I have class monday morning, she has it afternoon. Then I have quite a long one on tuesday morning but she has the day off.  So I we booked wednesday as we’re both off then, I wont get to stay as long as I want to go to my nanas for tea…which screwed up my plan of going round town before getting the metro, but at least I get to use a gym, pool and sauna for free! I hope its nice, its like a 4 or 5 star hotel :]


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