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The Power Of Exercise

Posted on: October 13, 2009

I once asked someone about this. They looked at me like I was mental. So I’m going to share it with the cyber world and hopefully someone will agree with me; or at least not think I’m quite so retarded.

So this is it…

Say I’m lying on my bed doing nothing and I think “hey I should do some exercise.” Get some park life etc etc. 

So then I lie there and think of the exercise I’m going to do, such as bend and stretch, or cycling my legs… maybe attempt a few press ups and that.

Now here’s the bit that makes people laugh at me and think I’m a bit of a tard.  Just thinking about doing these forms of exercise makes me feel like I’ve had a work out and so I dont actually do them because Im so exhausted from thinking about them.


I guess I just have a powerful imagination. Please say this happens to you too (try it to see if you’re not quite sure).


On another note, I still have a really bad cough (one week now, my dad is not going to be impressed when I roll home coughing tomorow) and I should fit in well in Cork, Ireland…they add like to the end of things a lot, like 😛


The colours on these blogs are so crap and dull :[


1 Response to "The Power Of Exercise"

1. maybe you should use more colour then 😛
B. Geordies and Scousers say ‘like’ a lot too
iii) The power of positive thinking can be unbelievable, I use it to get better when I’m ill, many people have claimed to lose weight just by imagining themselves losing weight. Your brain is a lot more powerful than you think – it’s also quite stupid and gets tricked by placebo’s a lot xx

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