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About A 5’3″ Rant

Posted on: October 22, 2009

Ok so I ranted about this once before when she saw the end of season 2 of True Blood before me. But she’s attempting to do it again!!!  (Also Im not sure how tall she is but its not much over 5 foot I know, shes pretty short!) 

Hayley was kind enough to lend me books 1-5 of Vampire Diaries and I lent 1 + 2 to Ash once I finished it coz it didnt take too long to read. Then I give her 3 + 4 coz once again it didnt take long (she hates Damon though so Im glad about that, she cant try and ‘claim’ him as ‘hers’) but 5 is bigger than the others, I have uni to go to and work to do for it, plus its a bit harder to get into and slightly different (possibly because it was written more than 10 years after the others were).

But she’s fed up of waiting for me to finish and said today “If you’re going to take that long you could at least let me read it first and give it back coz you know I read faster than you anyway”

I just looked at her and then goes, “I might just take up to halloween to read it and give it back to Hayley on purpose now”

Would serve her right if I did. It bugged me when she said she reads faster, I know its not a race who reads fastest and I know she reads pretty fast and I now read slow but when I was a kid I used to read really fast, its not my fault I now have to go to uni and have so much fish and fisheries crap to do grrr (I should be doing it now but I want to go read VD lol).

And Im being kind to her and redownloading eps 1 an 2 of vampire diaries that I had deleted as it was before my hardrive turned up and I had no space left…its taken all day here coz the internet speed is so bad. Its going to take 1 hour to get 0.7% lol, at home it would take about 2 minutes at the most to get that!!

So she could at least be gratefull, Im dreading giving them to her as I know she will pester me for the next ep once its out. Im going to tell her its on telly on Fridays so I cant get it till Saturday, then hopefully I can watch it in peace without her, and before her!!


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