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Tai Chi Devil

Posted on: October 23, 2009

Shock horror, its not me ranting about my flat mate.  It’s me telling you about the interesting think I actually did with my life today!!

I joined the Crown Spa Health Club the other week (not sure if I mentioned it) and today Ash and I decided to go to Tai Chi as uni wasnt till 2.15.

Well what a riot it was (sarcasm here but at the same time not). 

The woman told us to rock to get out centre of gravity or something like that, it sounding like she was saying wok so I kept thinking of Thouroughly Modern Milly where the chinese woman is like “Are you all awone in the wowld” (The tai chi woman wasnt chinese though).

Then we had to do some thing that involved breathing out as you lifted arms up and in as you brought them down, which was to get celestial energy. Well I started laughing to myself becuase I’d been breathing the wrong way and suddenly thought “oh dear Im getting hellish energy instead”

Then at the end she said they were going to go to 50 and to drop out when you felt like it. Well as Id only gone to 4 or 5 earlier I had no idea what I was doing but attempted to copy everyone else’s hand movements.  I then succeeded in making Ashlie choke on her water by telling her I was probably calling up a devil with all these dodgy wrong hand movements I was doing.

I guess Ive been reading and watching too much Vampire Diaries lol


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You can NEVER read or watch too much Vampire Diaries

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