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How To Torture Yourself

Posted on: October 25, 2009

For some strange reason I find myself passing time by torturing myself.


No it’s not self harm, its worse.  I just keep googling pictures of a certain bloke I shall never have.  That’s right, Mr Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass.  I really hate waiting for the next episode of Gossip Girl, especially after the way Blair treated Chuck last week.  I need to know what happens now!!

I could bombard this post with the many pictures I found on google of him but I’ll just put up the photo I facebooked to my friend whilst asking for him to be mail ordered to me.

If you ever see him please wrap him in brown paper with some air holes and send him on to me.  DO NOT KEEP HIM FOR YOURSELF!


4 Responses to "How To Torture Yourself"

I like the way the background of the pic blends in with the background of your post, looks like Chuck’s just chillin at the end of your post.

I want him too. Can we share?

I google people too, but it’s not just him, I have a very extensive list…

I rated my own comment. That’s a new feature.

I rated your post too. This is all new isn’t it??

haha I dont know if its a new feature or if I just discovered it. I was fiddling around with stuff near the bottom of the dashboard and found rate and decided to turn on rate posts and comments :]

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