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The Man Who Stole Time

Posted on: October 30, 2009

I read a book once where this evil person trapped in the other world had stuck a pipe through a wall and was stealing all the time from our world to make there actually be some time in the other world.  I feel like that is happening to me.  Where has my life gone?

I’ll be 21 next year.  Quite a few of my friends are already 21, in 9 years time they’ll be 30.  Sounds a long way off but I still feel like yesterday I just started year 7.  Time flies too fast.


This post isnt me moaning about where has time gone (well not really).  I’m just justifying to the masses about why I have no time to go to uni today.

  • I still have to finish my costume for the party tonight.
  • I have to finish my costume for tomorow night, but I have to do that today as I wont have time tonight (unless I do it on the train tomorow)
  • I have to cook my sausages as I defrosted them the other day and I’ll be away all weekend so I must have them for brunch today.
  • I have to make brownies for tonight.
  • I have to have a shower and straighten my hair for tonight.
  • I have to decorate the flat for the party tonight.
  • I have to tidy up a bit.
  • Yes I have read the papers that we are meant to disscuss at uni today but I read them on sunday and havent had time to reread them so now I dont remember much except one of them was a “no shit sherlock” type of paper.
  • I hate talking in groups of people I dont really like so I’d much rather stay at home.

Seeing as I missed a lesson for this already Im gonna guess today is the last lesson I can skip on it otherwise I’ll end up with a too low percentage attendance (though Magnus told me they are being leanient due to swine flu).


So as you see a busy busy day and I must get back to sewing my sleeves in an attempt to make them pooofy (not really working so far grrrr).  I might attempt to make it to uni, who knows.  Its not till 2.15 the lesson anyway.


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