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Green Day

Posted on: November 1, 2009

I finally saw Green Day!!  I remember when they did their American Idiot tour back when I was 15 and quite a lot of my mates got tickets but I never did.  So even though this time they weren’t playing Newcastle I was determined to get get tickets.  (It was actually really easy, the internet didnt crash or anything).

So Hayley Rose and I went to see Green Day in Manchester at the M.E.N. Arena on October 31 2009 (Yesh Halloween!!).  How was it?


Twas friggin awsome!!!

We missed them coming on stage as I got mixed up with doors opening and show starting so we totally missed the support.  We got to the arena and were waiting to show our tickets and we were like “Is Green Day on or are they just playing their songs?”  Turned out they had just started.  I think they were doing Know You Enemy.  Then because we were standing and you come in at the top of the stairs we had to find the right door that had stairs going all the way to the bottom.  We were speed walking pretty fast lol.

Oh did I mention we were dressed up?  Halloween so we thought loads of people would be in costume.  I saw more later on but I couldnt see any sitting near the stairs we walked down.  Hayley was wearing a harrem style thing and I was dressed as Alice in the costume she wears in the first Resident Evil (minus the guns).   

So we got into the standing area…there was loads of spare space I thought, and the people at the back were as usual being boring and not even moving or singing.  So we pushed to the front like I normally do :]  It’s not because we’re the sort of people who like to be at the barrier in the hope that we might catch their eye.  Its just because the vibe is always better at the middle/front/basically were you’re jam-packed and sweaty.

They put on a good show, lots of bangs and flames (though I thought it was too hot in the pit for fire lol).  The stewards were a bit stingy with their water I thought. 

Green Day did King For A Day which Im well happy about, I love that song.  Tis one of my favourite Green Day songs!  Billie Joe was dressed as a policeman with a feather boa round his neck.  We now own bits of that boa coz some kind kid next to me got feathers in his mouth to bite a bit off for me.  Tre had a bra on at some point too but sadly we didnt get a photo.  Only got photo’s of Billie Joe….Cant remember why we didnt manage to get any of Mike when he came down the front.

Billie Joe in police outfit

 I wish I could play an instrument then I could have maybe been dragged up on stage to play the end of Op Ivy, Knowledge.  The lass who did drums was amazing, she only looked about 14 or something too!

Billie Joe Armstrong

They did 2 encores.  The second encore was just Billie Joe on his own, he did Wake Me Up When September Ends, Good Riddence (Time of Your Life) and Last Night On Earth.  Hayley got some awsome pictures of that, I was at the back/middle by then coz during Minority, last song of first encore, I’d gone over the bar as I was desperate for some water. 

Billie Joe Accousic

From the second encore (the accoustic one)


Here’s a video on youtube from the second encore.  I didnt have the sense to show Hayley how to change my camera to record so this is by some random person who was also there.

I cant think right now what else to say as Im so tired…all I can think is that it was amazing and I want to go again…and again…and again :]


Billie Joe

During King For A Day. I own part of that feather boa!


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