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Sometimes I Just Want To Put On A Bunny Suit And Scream!!

Posted on: November 17, 2009

I seem to only blog when Im pissed off at people (namely my housemate) and so Im keeping with that tradition.

I guess it started last night, there was one place left on pump so I went an managed most of it, was only at the very end I was tired.  Ash phoned up uni to cancel her lesson claiming illness again from stupidly eating wheat at the weekend (why didnt she just make up a special sarnie to take with her, or maybe if she would actually eat fruit and veg then it wouldnt be so bad so Im not being sympathetic); she was still well enough for her new boyfriend Sam to come over though.

So what started it all was this really: I went to Tesco after pump and got myself some chicken breasts (I never buy proper meat!) thinking I would repackage 2 bits and freeze them.  Ther was no fucking freezer bags left, just 2 empty boxes. SOMEONE had recently brought a lot of meat and used them up and not said theyd ran out or brought any new ones. STRIKE 1.

Woke up fine this morning after watching hot fuzz last night that I hadnt watched in a while.  Went in kitchen and there was dishes to be done left by Ash of course.  Including the seive which I wanted for tonight as Im planning on doing rice and chicken.  At uni there was still no internet connection (though I did find my exam timetable and Ive decided Im  not returning to Scarbs till 16th or 17th of Jan so thats a whole month at home yay).  Pippa and Jax stayed after fisheries to watch the dvd for animal behaviour. Ive watched it but need to do it in a group really coz I have no idea what behaviours to say.  They asked me a bit late if I wanted to join, plus Id rather watch it on a telly than a pc screen that I cant fit round. 

Walked home with loud music feeling very happy.  Then I was stuck outside my flat for like 5 or 10 mins coz the lock keeps sticking and my key wouldnt open it. So I rang the buzzer a lot noone answered. So I phoned Ash, shes only gone to fucking york hasnt she (so much for starting her dissertation data collection today). So I rang the bell again then phoned the flat phone. Noone answered either, eventually got the key to work. I hate it not working coz all the people and cars go past an I feel like theyre staring at me.  Got up the stairs (this is yet another time where I wish paul still lived below so I could have gotten him to answer the door) and heard Becki go in her room.  So she was in the fucking flat and never answered phone or door. So what if she was in her pjs, Ive done it plenty times!!  So now I was well annoyed and fed up. Go in kitchen automatically putting water on to heat up as I knew there would still be a pile of dishes. I was coorect so I washed them while getting thouroughly pissed off with the tv signal not working properly.

Then I proceeded to storm into my room slamming doors (which has no effect on anyone except to make me feel slightly better) and screamed into my cushion where I decided to sit curled up and cry for quite a bit. My makeup has ran now.


So I know its a petty thing but Im just fed up of always cleaning up after people and having to move the chair that sam stands on to smoke out the kitchen window next to ash so that I can actually get into the fridge.  But if I say that to Ash I know I’ll end up forgetting stuff or getting wound up so my words dont come out right. Plus I’ll feel bad coz she’s all ‘ill’ and that.

I just want a hug off a big huggy person, but Im not a very huggy person anymore so I doubt I wouldn accept it even if they offered which they wouldnt coz I never really talk to them anymore coz I dont go out much in scarbs anymore coz my friends suck and never want to go out; or not to where Id rather go anyway.

Sometimes I feel like cutting myself to relief the pain, but I dont have the guts – lame. Plus I couldnt be bothered with trying to hide the cuts from people.

Im also sorry for the spelling mistakes but I cant be bothered to correct any, sorry.


1 Response to "Sometimes I Just Want To Put On A Bunny Suit And Scream!!"

I’m curious as to where the bunny suit comes into it…

You should just give them a taste of their own medicine, stop washin ur own dishes never mind theirs, make sure u make lots of noise n wake em up wenever they’re asleep, go out whenever they need you to help them wit things..

Oh and dnt even thing about goin all ‘cut-yourself-emo’ on me, I may have to slap you. Hard.

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