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For Lack Of A Better Thing To Do Why Don’t You Read About Me

Posted on: November 21, 2009

I fear something is drastically wrong with me.  I used to love being on my own; but now I dont seem to.  Well I still like to walk to uni on my own, go shopping on my own, sit in my room on my own….all the usual stuff because I have my music.  But for some reason I just dont feel like doing other things on my own.

Take today for example, Fantastic Mr Fox was on at 12 at the cinema and I planned to go…usually I have no problem with going to the cinema on my own, but it got to 11.15 and I thought, screw it, I dont want to go out.  I dont think it was the going to the cinema on my own bit.  It could possibly have been the fact that it was raining, or that I am watching S1 of Big Bang Theory for like the second or third time now because it has the best quotes ever and makes me happy so would rather stay in and watch that.  I think I may be slightly weekend agrophobic.  I just never want to leave the house on the weekend.

I planned to go to the gym after the cinema as Ashlie never mentioned going after she finished work.  Seeing as I didnt make the cinema I have low expectations for actually making the gym.  Plus I feel ill, Ashlies boyfriend Sam is ill ALL THE TIME!!  And now I feel ill…how can this be?  I avoid him as much as possible :[  Also, he’s always round and I wouldnt be surprised if Ash ditches new moon with me for going with him if he offers.  (She did that with Joffe and underworld 3).  I think I’ll still go see it tomorow even if she doesnt, I’ll see if Pippa’s been (though she might be going today with her parents) or if Becki wants to though she has no money still.

Anyway, seeing as Im staying in all day by the looks of it I guess I’d better do some work.  On a happy note, someone emptied both the overflowing bins.  I might do it next time.  On a depressing note, someone has stole all the spoons!! And they arent waiting to be washed up, quite possibly that same someone has all the glasses too!


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