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Scrabblicious Trolleys

Posted on: November 28, 2009

So I haven’t blogged in a while (as usual) so here’s a little update on my life.

  • Im addicted to scrabble application on facebook, tis bad.  I should be doing uni work not learning random new words that I never knew even existed (and now I can’t even remember them to expand my vocab with – story of my life).
  • In the wee small hours of Thursday morning whilst walking home from town I discovered a Tesco trolley, and much to Anthony’s ammusement I proceeded to push it home claiming it would do for taking the bottles to the bank.  (Anthony wanted to drag it up to my actual flat, I refused and left it in the passageway.  Then Antz dropped his phone and hopefully lost the video of me pushing a trolley.  Then I shut the door in his face, oh fun).  But anyway, back to the trolley… I eventually took the bottles and jars to Tesco under the cover of darkness tonight (with the help of Becki [well I didn’t want to be a fool on my own]).  It was sooo embarrasing, the paths all bumpy so the trolley rattled a lot, and rattled even noisier due to all the bottles in it.  We got so many hacky looks off people who probably thought we were right alkies (the bottles were actually mainly from last year, just no-one had bothered to take them away).  I totally wish you got paid like 50p for each bottle and jar you recycled.  I’d probably have at least £20 out of it then….there was a lot of bottles!
  • I went to see New Moon last Sunday.  It was well good but I really can’t be bothered to blog on my opinions or my laughings at the fools in the audience (I really should at somepoint, give you a laugh).
  • I wrote my xmas list, its very dull and sparse.  It even has a book for uni on it, thats how crap it is.
  • Spotify is working again :] so I’ve been listening to the New Moon soundtrack ❤ (its on my xmas list) and Kill Hannah’s latest cd (also on my xmas list, I normally download their stuff but decided to give them some money seeing as they got their van stollen with all their shiz in it).
  • I’m addicted to Misfits on e4.  I love Nathan, he has the best lines ever!  Though Simon has the nicest blue eyes ever.
  • I’ve just watch season 1 of the Big Bang Theory for like the 5th time since I borrowed it off Chris.  This time I remembered to pause it at the end to read the Chuck Lorre vanity cards.  Most where pretty funny and interesting, though the 2 that said click to play dont seem to do anything, I even tried it on my laptop :[
  • I’m going through a boardgame fetish at the moment…but I have no one to play with and I cant afford any new ones (I still really want Cat Attack, The War On Terrorism and Munchkin Land [think thats what its called]).
  • Speaking of fetishes, someone has stollen our green wheelybin as it wasnt brought in in time (I took it out therefore I refused to bring it in).  It has our address written on but its now vanished.  The council guy said they have problems with bins vanishing round our area.  Either it’s been locked in the alley behind the chinese and laundrettes or somewhere nearby there is a person sitting in their house rubbing their hands together and laughing manically whilst gazing lovingly at their large collection of green wheelybins.  (I prefer the later option).

So I can’t think of anything else to write at the moment, my life’s not that exciting I guess


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There is nothing wrong with a book. 🙂

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