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Get Rich or Die Trying

Posted on: November 30, 2009

I have come up with 2 foolproof ways of getting rich.  These 2 genius ideas came to me while I sat and watched FlogIt! (anyone else noticed how crap tv is around 3 pm?), though I’m pretty sure I’ve thought of them before.  Anway, here they are:

Plan number 1:

  • Go to a car boot sale/ church fete/ charity shop; buy something for tuppence.
  • Depending how good your item is, either take it straight away or wait a few years/centuries, to the Antique’s Roadshow.
  • Get item valued by the knobs on telly.
  • Take item that is worth a lot of money to FlogIt!
  • Let FlogIt! value it and auction it off for you.
  • Tell FlogIt! dude what you’re going to do with your vast amount of new found monies (pretend to donate some to charity if you think that makes you special).

Of course one can not always rely on picking up bargains at these car boot sales etc.  So sometimes one has to rely on ones own wit and cunning.  This is where the other plan comes in handy.

Plan number 2:

  • Go to the Antiques Roadshow.
  • Scout around for an interesting specimen.
  • Stand behind specimen while it is being valued (you will not look weird, they do it all the time on telly).
  • Listen closely while they tell the owner how much it is worth.
  • Follow owner home (make sure they have the item with them).
  • They will probably live in a big empty house in the country, so either attack them on a dark winding country road or plan a Midsommer Murders style murder – Take item when you leave.
  • If they happen to live in a busy council estate…well there’s plenty of people for you to blame the robbery on.
  • Wait till all the hype over the missing item is over, then sell it.
  • Or if you are in the know – sell it on the black market whilst the hype is still fresh then you will get more money.

There we have it, 2 foolproof genius ideas to get rich.  I wonder how often the people on these shows get mugged….


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