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What A Waste Of Misfits

Posted on: December 4, 2009

So I dont know if you watch Misfits on e4 put its pretty awsome in my opinion.  It just started a few weeks ago so its still relatively new.  Its about 5 ASBO kids doing community service in orange jumpsuits.  They got caught in a weird storm and all ended up with ‘powers’ (Though Nathan (<3) hasnt discovered his yet; internet speculation suggests werewolf/shapeshifter).  This week it was centered on Curtis who can go back in time.  Here is why I thought it was a total waste of my hour…

…(ok so it was good and wasnt a waste of my hour but it still bugged me).  Curtis got community service for possession as he was a top athelete (he also got banned from olympics) but his girlfriend got put in jail for it.  So with his power of going back in time he goes back to the night it all happened (this was prompted by his girlfriend turning up after being released which Curtis isnt too happy about as he’s now with Alisha (another ASBO kid)). 

So basically the show was kinda like a sliding doors/ run lola run sort of thing.  He went back in time and his girlfriend ended up getting stabbed instead.  After a few goes he eventually got it sorted so neither him or his girlfriend got caught.  Now this is where it annoyed me!!

If he DIDNT get caught then he DIDNT do community service then he WASNT in in the storm therefore HE SHOULDNT HAVE THE TIME TRAVEL POWER and therefore didnt manage to do anything at all!!

As it turned out he walked past the community centre and all the other ASBO kids except Nathan were dead because Curtis wasnt there to save them by turning back time when the community worker tried to kill them all.

So he had to go back in time again and do it so he got caught but his girlfriend didnt.  So he was all happy back at community service with Alisha but his girlfriends still hanging around which he totally forgot about.  Fool!!

Therefore it was a total waste of an episode as all he did was fuck up his life even more.


4 Responses to "What A Waste Of Misfits"

Plenty of people who weren’t at the community centre got powers from the storm – Jody the alopecia causing girl, the Daddy fixated baby, Ruth the granny…

uhuh…and your point? I was on about the fact that people shouldnt try to mess with timetravel. I’m gutted that the next one is going to be the last in the series, I hope they do series 2!

Season 2 is locked in. Which is great news. I wonder if Nathan will have worked his way through the iPod music selection by then?

ha yea … or his battery will be dead. My mate won one of the comics they were giving away on e4 – not impressed that I didnt win grrr

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