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Step Into Christmas – The ULTIMATE Xmas Songs!

Posted on: December 16, 2009

OK so maybe not the ultimate xmas songs lol, but they are the ones I quite like a lot :]

Today I had step into chirstmas stuck in my head which was strange because I actually had crocodile rock on at the time.  So because I dont actually own xmas songs (whats the point? You just delete or skip after xmas anyway) I opened Spotify and put on “Now Thats What I Call Xmas” …the latest version (2009 baby!)

So here’s a list of my favourite xmas songs, they arent really in order or most to least favourite because to be fair the order changes a lot lol.  And also sadly I dont own these songs so I cant put them in the blog for you to hear though I may be able to do some weird Spotify thing that allows you to listen if you also have spotify (you should get it if you dont, its awsome! So ok you cant download songs but it saves you from having to download ones you later delete i.e. xmas songs!)


So here’s the list:

 Elton John – Step Into Christmas  of course I’m going to put that in here, I was talking about it earlier!

The Pogues – Fairytale Of New York not sure why I like this so much, to be honest I think it may be the bit where they have that joyful banter with Kirsty MacColl

Wizzard – I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday EVERYONE loves a bit of Wizzard at xmas time!

Slade – Merry Christmas Everybody another classic…these last 2 songs always remind me of being a kid and make me nostalgic for fun childish christmases!

The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping I know for a fact this used to be one of my favourite christmas songs when I was younger!  I still like it a lot.

Status Quo – It’s Christmas Time So I dont think this was on my sister’s christmas cassette but listening to it on spotify I do find myself enjoying it.

Chris Rea – Driving Home For Christmas I know its kinda depressing for xmas but when I was younger I used to go to the lake district with my friend and her dad and my sister round christmas time for a weekend and we used to put my sister’s christmas cassette on and I guess this song just reminds me of those times.

Patrizio Buanne – Winter Wonderland So this sounds faster than the version I know but at one stage I started to feel sorry for the snowman and the kids who got it knocked down…I guess thats what crazy teenage homornes do to you =p (Dean Martin – Winter Wonderland might be the version I actually remember)

Gary Glitter – Another Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas So for some reason this isnt on now thats what I call christmas (maybe coz Gary Glitter is a peado or whatever) but I really like this song so had to find it on youtube instead!

So that seems to be it for my favourite xmas songs.  What are your’s?

In my opinion all these songs are a helluva lot better than the ones that come out at xmas time now.  I really dont think you could add whatever was last years xmas number 1 onto these lists.  I wish that the xmas 2010 song is original and actually has something to do with christmas.

In the words of that great man Noddy “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!”


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If ya go to you just search for the song you want and then you can tweet it directly with a link to it that you can then copy and paste into ur posts like I do xx

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