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Where Has That ‘Christmas Spirit’ Gone?

Posted on: December 20, 2009

So from the title you may suspect that I’m going to rage on about how the Christmas number 1 isnt very christmasy or something like that…well I’m not coz to be honest I didnt give a BEEP that RATM won…I’m just glad it wasnt xfactor for once.

So no, instead get settled in for a lovely rant from me about why the world (i.e. Scarborough, UK) is full of ignorant sods!So incase you are not aware, Britain seems to be suffering from a lot of snow at the moment which is evidently leading to chaos everywhere because as usual the council don’t have enough salt in their area to grit the roads etc.  So (argh I need to stop starting me sentances with so), my dad was meant to pick me up for the xmas holls today (Sunday).  He phoned last night babbling on about snow and roads and weather conditions and wasnt sure if he’d get down which left me annoyed as I could have gotten the train home on Saturday if I’d known that.

He then phoned on Sunday morning around 9.30 to say that he was going to attempt to get down, I proceeded to pack a suitcase, rucksack and 3 other bags full of stuff to take home (ok so one was full of my bedding and towel and the few bits of laundry I had seeing as Im planning on being at home for a while I didnt want to leave them hanging round).  My heater was turned off, I’d emptied the bins and done the dishes, I’d stripped my bed to air while I’m gone and was sitting around watching Roswell and waiting for the bell.  Around 12ish my dad phoned and said he hadnt even made it past teeside – I guess this explains how bad the roads where seeing as around 12ish my dad should have been getting to Scarborough.

So I was left to get the train…dragged everything down the flights of stairs and out the door.  Then I proceeded to drag it all the way to the train station.  It normally only takes about 10 – 15 minutes.  I think it took me about half an hour and would have taken longer if not for what I shall tell you about.

Ok so I walked straight past a taxi rank, but there was no usual taxis sitting outside and it hardly seemed worth getting a taxi for that little distance (plus its only like £4 but I couldnt afford one).  It was downhill slightly to the bridge which is about halfway I guess and loads of people (strong looking people) had passed me not one offering with all the ‘good samaratain sunday christmas spirit crap that we should have going on’ to help me.  I was starting to wish I had a sledge and was getting seriouse de ja vu of last christmas when I volunteered to get the train and stupidly put all my heavy stuff in a hold all without wheels and dragged that to the train station and back at the end of my hollidays.

To help with the de ja vu, last year returning to Scarbs an old man had told me to put my bag on a long brolly and put the brolly on my shoulder an that would take the weight (it left me thinking “oh yea, until the brolly fucking breaks with the weight of the bag).  This year another old man, once again heading in the opposite direction, suggested I should get a sledge…I just laughed and said “aye” as it was what I was thinking.

I eventually got across the bridge.  Dragging a suitcase in the snow is not fun!  There’s a bit of a hill at the other end of the bridge and by this point the arm doing all the draggin was dying but I couldnt use my other arm coz one of the bags went across my shoulder and was in the way of the suitcase.  Therefore crossing the road at the lights to get to Comet which is just before the train station I proceeded to loose all feeling in my arm and my suitcase fell back into the road…luckily the lights were on green for me and there wasnt really any cars around anyway.

At this point I just wanted to burst into tears as I felt the same as I had last xmas.  I put down my tesco green bag full of laundry and presents and picked up my suticase, I put my looovely purple lacoste bag full of butter, my soap bag and another coat on top of my suticase and set forth to carry on that little extra bit to the train station.  It was only like 2 minutes away if that but I reckoned it would have taken me 1o.

But then this guy walked past, turned around and asked where I was going.  He then took my suitcase and lacoste bag and helped me get my stuff to the station.  We had a lovely chat on the way (though I never got his name lol).  He said he had been going to walk past but knew as soon as he got home he’d feel guilty as apparently his generation get gip for not helping.  He was 18.  I said I tended to blame the 30 year olds for not helping as that was probably the average age of the person who passed me that day.  He does performing arts but has applied to various univeristys including hull, lincoln and york to do social care or something like that.

So that kind person (wow look at that, I wonder how many people live in Scarborough and only one person offers to help!  I always knew Scarborough was full of iguramous people) cut down my last leg of the draggin journey a bit.

Managed to recooperate my strength on the train and informed my parents that if they couldnt pick me up at newcastle then they better have money for a taxi at the door coz I coudlnt afford one.  My mam suggested taking the bus, I told her how many bags I had (like seriously, I would have to get a metro to Gateshead and then the bus would probably only go to Wrekenton then I would have to drag all my stuff about the same distance as from my flat the to the train station while at the same time dodging snowballs from the scum that live at Wrekenton).

I got off the train at York where I got the lift down to the subway to walk to platform 5, I couldnt see the lift to get back up so was staring at the many stairs but then the old man in my lift informed me that if I walked a little further there was a hidden lift (I mean hidden, no signs or anything) that I could get up to the platform.  So yay another kind person in the world.

Then as I was about to lumber onto the train (blocking the 3 other people behind me) this lassy on her mobile asked me if I wanted some help and helped pass my suitcase up to me while I stood on the train.

A total of 3 people with a bit of kindness in their hearts this christmas!  A better turn out than last year (though that year I had my sister at York to help me with my bag).  Ooo I supose 4 people coz the taxi driver carried me suitcase from the taxi to me front door lol.

But yea….after me moaning about lack of spirit and good will I’m going to have to not be a hypocrit and actually help people I see struggling with luggage and crap!  (I do hold doors open for people, and most the time I dont even get a thankyou!)


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