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Help Me Find Mannaz ………….Please

Posted on: December 26, 2009

So when I was 14 very nearly 15 I finally got the Vans I’d been eyeing up in Schuh for about a year.  I didnt care that my friend at school had the same ones, I’d wanted them longer (my opinion, perhaps not fact).  I had those gorgeous shoes right up till I went off to uni when I decided I’d better chuck them otherwise my mother would.  They were manky by this point like, the material inside at the back was all worn off and the actual backing plastic stuff had cracked.  One pair had a hole right through the sole so that when it rained my feet got soaked (I did try to fix this with masking tape, it didnt work).  I wouldnt be surprised if they stank to high heavens from being so old and ratty.  But I loved them.

Christmas in first year at uni I got a new pair of vans.  Although I liked them I’ve never grown the attachment to them that I had with my first pair.  For days I kept looking online for the ones I orignally had seening as Schuh and the Vans website no longer stock them.  Then the other day I tried again.

Into google images I typed in black and pink Vans and found some that looked like them, their style was Basha I think…but they looked slightly wrong.  Then I found another pair called Mannaz.  My heart jumped with joy when I realised they were my holy grail!  (I then realised I still had the box they had came in and yes it said Mannaz on the label – I could have solved so much more trouble if I’d looked there originally).

So what Im now after is Womens Vans Mannaz, black/confetti pink suede in UK size 5.  The only one’s Ive found are american 5.5 which I think is like UK 3 or something.  I can possibly make do with UK 4 and deffinatelly 4.5.  Has anyone found any?  Does anyone know a shop or website selling them in the correct size?  I really want them back!!

Mannaz Vans


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