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Christmas Horde

Posted on: December 29, 2009

I havent wrote about my xmas horde yet and figured I’d better before New Year or I never would.  I didnt ask for any big expensive present this year.  So I got the usual random bath stuffs off family friends/distant relatives.  Bits of cash, toothpaste and toothbrush off the ‘toothfairy’ (LOL).  The customary apple and orange in the bottom of my stocking with the £2 coin (I demand a satsuma or tangerine or clementine…anything but a real big orange!).

Proper present wise I got some interesting bits off my sister which I like muchly, a wallet for card with a cute bunny looking thing on the front and a funky robot head necklace…she also got me Coraline (2D I noticed).  Though I bet it didnt add up to the £40 I spent on her (I know…I dont even have that much money!)

I got 2 more charms for my Pandora bracelett, a strawberry and a snake (my auntie got me the actual bracelett for my 18th…now every second person I meet seems to have one and there’s about 50 shops in the town selling them…I just take pride knowing I had one before them).

I got a nice yummy cake cookery book with pictures for all the recipes, I actually prefer to just look at the pictures and havent attempted to make one yet, I will do before I head back to uni.

I got some lovely warm slippers that look kinda like the dreaded UGG boot, but they are allowed to look like that seeing as they are actual slippers! (I hate UGGs).  I got this notebook called the metal gig journal for me to stick all my gig tickets in (instead of shoving them in an old shoebox).  I dont really care that its a metal one and therefore full of random metal facts, its still pretty cool (I did google to see if there was perhaps a punk one or rock one, there is a rock one that I think must be new coz there’s no picture for it).

OOO I got the New Moon soundtrack :]  I’ve hardly had it off lol, I especially love song number 2, Friends – Band of Skulls. 

I cant really remember what else I got, chocolate, random things, shaun the sheep callender, some glow sticks ( =S )

Mann now I dont even know why I decided to write that list seeing as it looks so depressing lol.  Oh well, hope you had a good xmas


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