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Crappy New Year

Posted on: January 3, 2010

So if this is 2010 it fucking sucks!

For starters I spent January 1st spewing up my guts, I couldn’t even keep water down.  I have no idea if it was anything to do with what I’d drank on NYE or not as normally I’m sick the once and then its over…this lasted all day.  My mother laughed and said “oh great you were the first to walk in this house this year and you’ve brought illness with you” she also said “that’ll laern yee” (That will teach you, for those who didn’t understand that).

January 2nd, no sick but my tummy still did somersaults a lot BUT I had a stupid cold instead and could hardly stay awake.  Which sucked as I was going to go out that night.

Oh and the snow is back, the rain washed it away the other day but it started NYE and its been pilling up since.  It better be gone by the 17th as I really don’t want to get the train back to uni :[

I’m hoping maybe I’m going to get this year’s illnesses over with in the first week or something :]

I don’t even have any resolutions for this year….except to maybe get a job of some sort, pass uni and work out what to do with my life…maybe make a new friend too.


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