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Posted on: January 9, 2010

I finally got round to going to see that film everyone’s talking about – yes Avatar.  It was pretty amazing! I went to see it at the new IMAX they’ve just built, which according to the guy who stood at the front and talked for a bit (I would so cringe if that was my job!), its going to be the only IMAX in the north east for about 10 years (yea right!).

Anyway so we were sitting near the front to the side and maybe if you’re more central the effect would be better but it was still awsome.  Floor to celing, wall to wall screen!! It didnt seem very 3D-ish to me and often it was a bit fuzzy, out of focus oh look that guy’s foots see through kind of thing but the film was great still.

I think for most the film I sat there with my mouth open thinking “woah!!! Im practically in it!” and somewhere near the begining I think something was flying and I thought woah its like Im actually flying (I should really see it again so that I dont spend half the time sitting there thinking woah! LOL).

I liked the colours in the Avatar world, they were pretty.  Though the whole story line about hardly anyone ever flying this sort of teradactyl thing was a bit predictable but I did enjoy it lots and lots and it hardly seemed nearly 3 hours.

The only annoying thing was the guy on the other side of my friend appeared to have brought his tea along with him the amount of time he spent rustling his sweeties bags.

Oh and I didnt feel sick or dizzy once :]

I was slightly disapointed with the 3D-ness though, I guess I was expecting more along the lines of honey I shrunk the audience and the muppets 4D show at Disney World where you feel like something is actually pointing right at you (futher enforced feeling when the people infront turn around and stare at you too!)

However if you havent been to see Avatar I fully recomend it (though apparently 3D IS the way to see it!)…oh and if you’ve never been to an IMAX get yourself to one coz they too are amazing!


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