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Posted on: January 19, 2010

I’ve liked the Horrorpops (a pyscho-punk-rock-abilly band) for about 5 years now but I’ve never seen them live, I dont even though if they’ve been near where I live.  But anyway I really want to see them at some point and decided to try find out if they are touring anywhere thinking that because they are Danish (or from somewhere over in the netherlands) I would maybe have a trip over there as I guessed they werent coming to the UK soon.  However judging by their myspace profile they might actually be living in America now ):

But anyway searching the Horrorpops led me onto their wiki page.  I love wikipedia, I dont care if it’s apparently not reliable, it’s got pretty much everything on that you ever need or want to know (:

On wikipedia I like to click links to other things to do with the page Im on.  That’s how I discovered Strawberry Slaughterhouse.  I listened to a few of their things on youtube.  They were pretty good I thought.  Hopefully this embedding will work and you enjoy it too (:


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