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The Cleaning Freak

Posted on: January 20, 2010

Well I’m back at uni now so we all know what that means dont we.  Oh yes, time to blog about my shit flat life LOL.

So when I got back on sunday I cant remember if I actually went in the kitchen or waited till monday but basically there was a box with a bin bag full of rubbish in the middle of the floor.  The floor needed cleaning badly and there was manky dishes everywhere.

The Christmas tree was still up in the hall, the bath tub had Ashlie and Sam’s swim stuff in it and the floor was dirty.

Oh and our wheelie bin looked like it hadnt been put out at all the entire time I was away (more than likely!).


So Ash and me had an exam yesterday but the place was still filthy (apart from the bathroom, I’d cleaned that straight away because I like to have a shower pretty much every day even if no-one else in my flat does – seriously Ash said the swim stuff had been in the bath tub for a week trying to dry, I was like why dont you hang it on the banister coz its not gonna dry in the tub especailly as Im gona have a shower soon).

After our exam I made her take the tree down with me, it was well overdue, luckily Im not too superstitious but Becki is and she was going on about how it was bad luck to have it up now (noticed she didnt bother taking it down with Ash when she got back on Friday though).  I then dusted and hoovered the hall! It looks a lot better now thankfully.

Then today I went to Tescos and brought some washing up liquid (we’d ran out yet Ash was still saying she was going to wash those dishes at some point, dunno how she would manage without the washing up liquid though!).  I also brought some bin liners as we’d ran out of them too.  Then I swept the kitchen floor and emptied the recylce bin and took the box and full bin bag to put on top of the wheelie bin seeing as they wont fit in.  Luckily the green bin man comes tomorow morning!!

The kitchen now looks slightly better.  Though all the dishes are still there and the cooker needs cleaning.  I’m currently eating crackers and apples to avoid using the kitchen.  I feel like Im in halls again LOL.

I think Ash is going home this friday (deffinately saturday) and it may seem weird but I’m really hoping neither her or Sam does these dishes (Im assuming Becki wont bother seeing as they arent hers).  It’s just they’re really bugging me sitting there and I seriously want to clean them now but I know Ash will do that whole “aw Lizzy I said I was gona do them! I owe you a bottle of vodka!” (erm I’d rather have the money and it should total to well over £100 now the amount of times shes said that).  But if I clean them then I know they will be done to my satisfaction with proper hot water (seeing as Im the only one who wears rubber gloves to wash dishes then Im the only one who can stand having their hands in boiling hot water which is what is needed for those dishes!).

So yea, weird as it sounds I really hope she doesnt get round to doing them or making Sam do them (seeing as she told me that tomorow she was going to blitz her room – its a total state with a full bin bag in the middle.  Her rooms twice the size of mine but looks so much smaller).

Maybe I just enjoy cleaning dishes, or maybe I hate a messy kitchen -it’s so unhygenic-, or maybe I’m just crazy.  Whatever, I just wish it was Saturday now so I would no for sure if I was cleaning these or not!!  I’m just looking forward to a proper clean kitchen that I can de-junk :]


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