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Boys That Make Me Want To Write Poetry

Posted on: January 21, 2010

When I was about 12ish one (or possibly two) friends confessed they used to fancy Freddie from Scooby Doo.  I for one never liked him, I always thought he was gay.  But I was thinking about this last night and it led me onto making a list of cartoons that I’ve fancied.  Yes I know its a bit daft, after all they’re just a bit of ink (possibly not even that if they are computerized).  The title for this blog came from an interview with Emily Strange where she listed Bart Simpson as a boy that makes her want to write poetry.

  •  Shaggy from Scooby Doo was always my favourite over Fred.  This was further enhanced when Mathew Lillard played Shaggy in the film.
  •  I had some strange fasination with Double D from Ed, Edd & Eddy when I was younger.
  • Some episodes of the Simpsons do make me wish I was a yellow cartoon so that I could one day marry Bart.  He’s awsome!


As you notice those two may seem slighty weird (especially the later – I also quite like Typisch Andy but not enough for him to have a picture in here.  He was just a holiday crush when we discovered the German cartoon (we called him toothbrush Andy)).  They were also crushes from a long time ago, though I still like Shaggy!  The following are more recent ‘loves’   and most of them are from animes and mangas.

  •  Ok so lets ignore Yuki the brown haired girl and focus on the gorgeous guy to the right.  Hello everyone, thats Kiryu Zero from Vampire Knight.  Utterly gorgeous and way better than Kaname.  (This is where I hope no-one spoils anything for me as I’ve only read up to number 6 or 7 and I still havent even finished watching series 1 of the anime!)
  •  This is L from Death Note (the guy in the front of the picture).  I think it’s his eyes…and the way he kinda perches on everything LOL.  I do like how the guy in the live action looks like him!
  •  Nobuo Terashima (Nobu) from the manga Nana.  I love this manga coz all the guys are punk ❤  This is another one where I hope no-one gives any spoilers away as Im only up to number 16.
  •  Ok so he may look a lot like Nobu but Shinichi Okazaki (Shin) from Nana is so much different to Nobu.  Apart from the fact he’s only 15 he just seems to me a lot deeper and I think I like him more than Nobu who I often find a bit flaky.  Who knows, maybe my opinion will totally change by the time I finish reading them all.
  •  Ryou Shirogane from Tokyo Mew Mew.  What can I say, I guess I’m still a bit of a sucker for blonde hair and blue eyes (:
  •  Kisshu, one of the bad guys from Tokyo Mew Mew.  OK so he’s an alien and he wears a crop top but what can I say…I still think he’s adorable!
  •  This is Taruto also from Tokyo Mew Mew and also an alien.  Ok so he’s a little young but he makes me smile each time he’s on screen.  It’s his voice, its so awsome.  For some reason I like to call him my little tartlet (oh dear I’ve progressed to making up pet names for cartoons!), I think its because I thought his name was Tart (I saw it spelt that way once).  Pudding calls him Taru Taru – personally I think Tartlet is better =p
  •  Ignore Lock and Shock, it’s just Barrel that I’m interested in.  He’s awsome and totaly my favourite!  I wish you could by more Barrel things!

Soooo, anyways, I think that’s it for now.  You might find them slightly random, you might not but I hope you enjoyed reading about them LOL….now everyone knows what I’m probably thinking of =p


2 Responses to "Boys That Make Me Want To Write Poetry"

Haha this was cool, you’re younger ones were a bit odd but I suppose they always are but your anime ones were very reasonable haha. I love those three from tokyo mew mew, I like it when Taruto is called Taru Taru bu Pudding it’s sooo funny =D but tartlet is cute too, I know he was called Tarb in mew mew power but never heard Tart…
I never finished or got very far in Vampire Knight though I agree Zero is the best haha. I wanna do a list like this…with your permission of course. Just a matter of remembering them all…

Yea I give you persmission and I look forward to reading it too :]
I finally got volume 7 of VK so I can read it before I read 8 that I brought a while ago (I was gonna read it online but it takes so long to load half the time that I couldnt be bothered).
I have season 1 of VK on dvd with eps 1 & 2 of season 2- guilty on the end if you want to borrow it? I dont mind posting it down….though sometimes the subtitles dont always fit on the screen. Im contemplating getting season 2 but I think I might read some more of the manga first

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