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Some Days I Should Just Stay In Bed!

Posted on: January 22, 2010

hmm I appear to fluctuate between a ranting moaning post and a totaly random thing that I happen to be thinking about.  So in keeping with that, seeing as the last post was kinda random then this one is me moaning.  Don’t say I never warn you =p

Today was one of those days where I really should have stayed in bed!  I woke up at 6am, it was raining.  I went back to sleep till 7 am, around 7.30 I noticed that the light under my door was really bright.  I knew immediately that we’d run out of money on the electric.  I knew we would run out in the night but seeing as I’d put a tenner on on Sunday and definetly hadnt used up my share then I didnt really see why I should have to put any on.

So 7.30ish saw me out in the rain trying to cross the busy road to Sainsburys to top up out keycard (the machine wasnt working in costcutters grrr).  Then I had a lukewarm shower as I hadnt waited long enough for the water to heat up.  Then about 9.30 I set off up the hill in the rain to uni to do work in the library (so as not to waste our electric I may add!!).  One of the straps on my bag snapped when I was halfway up, its a new bag aswel!  Plus the most annoying thing is that the side that snapped is the side I prefer to use if I have my bag on one shoulder.  So the rest of the day I had to carry my bag on my left instead of my right!  (Luckily a bit of superglue and sewing should fix it!)

So there I was, plowing through my revision in the study room in the library where its nice and quiet.  Then Manda saw me and borrowed 10p for the printer and told me she had a performance on at 2 that was on for 10 minutes.  10 minutes was fine, it meant that I would be able to see that and still make the haunted house thing that Adj was doing at 2.30.  Well Manda’s didnt start till 20 past!  It was kinda funny, and pretty good so I enjoyed it.  When I came out I saw Pippa was still outside ps3 so I thought oh good they’re running late too.  Turned out some bastard had taken my place grrr!

So I never got to see that and instead walked home in the rain feeling utterly misserable and fed up with life!  Kill Hannah briefly cheared me up for the few minutes it was on my ipod in the same way that Good Charlotte used to chear me up when I was around 14 or 15 years old.

Now I’m sitting in bed in my pj pants coz my jeans are soaking and have that gritty stuff on the back that they get from kicking up rain splatters.  All I want is a tub of Ben & Jerry’s or some chocolate but its too wet for me to be bothered to go anywhere.  All I have in the house to eat is crackers, apples, rice and vegetable oxo cubes….yummy eh?

So if anyone fancies bringing me a bar of chocolate (preferably something I like) or a tub of ben & jerry’s (once again, something I like please – I’m in the mood for chocolate so phish food or chocolate brownie – anything that doesnt have nuts or cookie dough in would be fine though)….or maybe even a margarita pizza!  Then come please do…maybe text beforehand as I dont always feel like answering the door, it is a long way down after all!


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