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Posted on: February 7, 2010

For some reason lately I’ve been having a really big urge to dress up as a princess.  This could be a mix of watching Princess Diaries 1 + 2 for the first time in a long while and also from repeatedly seeing an advert for Vera Wang Princess perfume on telly.  But I now have the urge to go for a night out in tiaras and pretty dresses and stuff like that.  I think it would be fun if everyone dressed up as different stlyes of princess….I bagsy rock princess :p but there could be like a normal traditional princess…various Disney looking princesses (like Jasmin etc) erm…medevial princess. 

So OK maybe there arent that many options but I still think it would be fun.  I want to get a tiara and stick black feathers on it.  I might do that anyway. 

It would be fun to do this only thing is none of my friends ever want to do fancy dress unless they are forced to for someone’s birthday…they also rarely go out (though I did manage to get out monday, wednesday AND saturday – 3 days in one week!).

Maybe I could do princess styly for my 21st but seeing as I’ll most likely spend the day and night at home doing sweet F.A. then I doubt that would happen LOL….plus I only have a small amount of friends at home and there isnt anywhere for my uni friends to stay :[  …or maybe I could convince everyone to do it for graduation – or for just a random fun night out.  I shall have to work on my convincing skills :]

I wonder if there is an international dress like a princess day or something :] LOL


1 Response to "Princess"

You forgot to mention that we’re going to the land of princesses! Maybe that’s what’s brough it on? We can stock up on tiara supplies at Magic Kingdom haha. Love the princess night out theme though haha, we should do it for our 21st, I’m sure between the two of us we can come up with enough people for a shindig xx

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