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My Cute Little Secret or “The Rabbit’s Out The Hat So-To-Speak”

Posted on: February 23, 2010

I figured it was time to post this blog, its been well over a month since I wrote it.  I was going to wait till I had a decent photo and put that on too, but I havent been able to get a good one, they’re all at dodgy angles.  Nor have I bothered asking anyone to take one for me yet…I shall do though at some point and then I’ll put that photo up.  I also figured it was time to post this as I’ve told about 6 people and maybe more have seen it when I’ve been drunk – who knows…but yea that’s more than what I say in this blog.  So sit back and relax and settle in to read a post that I wrote in January.

Im writing this blog now (12th Jan 2010) as a form of procrastination from the 400 more words on altruism that I have to write.  However I have no idea what day it will be when I finally post it as Im planning on saving this as a draft till I possibly get a decent photo and also just because I want to keep my secret to myself (ok Hayely and possibly emma and katie if they twigged on the facebook status; Ian, Hayley and the kid on reception at inkslingers all know) for just a little bit longer.

My cute little secret = I finally got a tattoo!

I wanted it around xmas 2008 but thought it was a bit strange seeing as my rabbit was still alive then, but then she died in feb (9 years old, r.i.p. mospy!) and from then on it was just getting round to actually going for the tattoo.

Then Hayley said she wanted one and we decided to go together…eventually we figured why not try get it done in the xmas holls.  So on monday 11 Jan 2009 I text Hayley (who was at uni supossudly writing an essay LOL) to say I was off shopping in town and considering looking at tattoo places did she fancy coming.  She did.

We went to Inkslingers.  It’s a good job Hayley was there coz Im hopeless at explaing, I didnt even know how big my shoulder was to say what size I wanted LOL.  Eventually we established that I wanted a tattoo of my rabbit on my shoulder in the style of the white rabbit tattoo in the Matrix.

One of the tattooists, Ian, said he had walk in space so while we went off to get out money he drew up my bunny and got a list of fonts for Hayley’s tattoo.

Mine was £60 and Hayley’s was £30 which I think might be the minimum they have to charge.

We went into his little room that had nice pictures for me to sit and stare at while he tattooed me (Seeing as I wasnt supposed to move which meant I couldnt talk much LOL).  Ian was really friendly and just chatted on, I learnt that the tattoo from the matrix that mine was based on is actually her real tattoo and not just a fake one that I assumed.  I also discovered that he was tattooing some world of warcraft crests on some people’s legs.  They must be massive WOW geeks LOL.

I was surprised how little it hurt.  It’s more of a loud noise with little pricks that didnt hurt too bad.  Then he used a quieter gun to do some shading, that one kinda felt like he was trying to drill a hole through my bones but it still didnt hurt much.  I was kinda expecting myself to have tears streaming down my face LOL.

Then it was suddenly over, it only took about 20 minutes (oh and apparently I have lovely skin that just soaks up the tattoo ink :]).  I got cling filmed up and put my clothes back on then we went back to the reception while he tidied up ready for Hayley’s tatt.

Hayley got no regrets on her wrist in very pretty font.  It’s from some Robbie Williams song.  Her’s took a similar amount of time, possibly a little less I dont remember now LOL.

I havent told my parents yet, I will eventually I guess because its soo cute they can’t not like it!  I havent told my friends yet coz I cant be bothered, at the moment its just for me which is why Im not publishing this just yet :]  I was lying in bed smilling to myself all happy like.  It still seems so sureal I cant actually believe I have one.  I think its mainly because I thought it would hurt more than it did.

I still think that getting my ears pierced hurt the most out of my ears, tounge and now my tattoo.  Maybe tattoo’s hurt in a different part of the body, who knows…all I know is that if I had the money and a better idea of what else and where else I want one, then I would be off getting more LOL.  Eventually I will probably get another one, but for now I’m happy with my little Mopsy :]

23/2/2010 – I have a vague idea of what else I want…I just need to get it set in stone properly and get some money for them :]


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I love the fact I’m in the brackets of who knew twice 😛 Like I’m extra important!

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